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Jaclyn Linetsky

About Jaclyn

About Jaclyn
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D.O.B.-January 8th, 1986
P.O.B.-Montreal, Quebec, Canada
D.O.D.-September 8th, 2003
Jaclyn was killed in a tragic car accident on September 8, 2003, along with co-worker Vadim Schneider, on their way to St. Cesaire to film the television show, 15/Love. Their car collided with a van, Vadim was killed instantly, while Jaclyn was rushed to hospital, but died momentarily.
Getting her start on stage at the age of eight, Jaclyn began doing voiceovers when she was eleven for a radio milk ad. Later, she then starred in several radio and TV commercials.



In person:



Voice as:


Laurie---on---'What's With Andy?'

Megan---on---'Mega Babies

Bitzi---on---'Daft Planet'

Other Interesting Facts

Jaclyn spent several summers as a camper at CBB, the last summer as an S.I.T. in 2002.

Before her death, Jaclyn lived in a suburb in Montreal called Hampstead.
Jaclyn's parents are Larry and Terry Linetsky.
She graduated in 2003 from St. George's High School as Valedictorian.
She was Jewish.
Known as Muffin to her family and friends.
Starred in many school productions at St. George's High School

May Jaclyn rest in peace.