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Broken-Chp 4

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“It’s been three days!” Adena complained foully, plopping down heavily on the couch in the open beside Tanis. “She’s been home for three days and she hasn’t left that stupid couch once!” she huffed and crossed her arms angrily. The others had become used to Adena’s angry rants and didn’t spare her a glance. “I mean, what the hell is wrong with her? Does she not realize how selfish she’s being?”
“How selfish she’s being?” Tanis winced at Squib’s irate tone. “How selfish she’s being?” He dropped the cards in his hand as he stood, his face dark. “Obviously something is wrong! Something big! It’s been three days and you haven’t been over there once since she got home!” he snarled accusingly. Adena slid back into the couch and recoiled from his angry tone. Sighing disappointedly, disregarding the puzzled stares of the other students in the open, he stomped out the door.
“Knock Knock.” Squib called jokingly, but was a little hurt when Cody whirled around, dread written all over her face. As soon as her eyes focussed on him though, he could see her muscles visably relax and she sunk back into her nest of blankets. “The front door was open.” he offered as an explanation, though he wasn’t sure he needed one. Cody’s eyes didn’t leave the screen. Hands stuffed awkwardly in his pockets, Squib fidgeted by the door. “Are those twinkies?” he asked, partly to lighten the mood and partly because he loved twinkies. The excitement in his voice amused Cody and for the first time in nearly a month, a small laugh escaped her lips. It pleased Squib to no end.
“Knock yourself out.” Cody tossed one over her shoulder at him without looking back. She waited, expecting him to sit down. “You can sit down you know.” Her eyes finally left the screen and she patted the couch beside her. A little hesitantly, Squib lowered himself gingerly to the couch, cringing when he knocked against her accidentally.
“I’m not made of china you know. I won’t break.” she seemed a little irritated.
“Sorry.” he mumbled almost incoherantly. “Whatcha watchin’?” he pulled his feet up onto the couch and leaned back.
“Judge Judy.” Cody answered shortly.
“What happened to Maury?”
“Too sympathetic. I want to be angry this week.” She looked over at him. “You’re getting crumbs on my couch.”
“Cry me a river.” Squib joked, but sombered quickly. “You don’t have to watch Judge Judy to be angry, you know. You can just be angry on your own.” He wasn’t sure why she was acting strangely or why she felt the need to lock herself away in this fantasy world, but he wanted to be there for her. Cody didn’t answer and he didn’t press her. Halfway through an argument about whether or not some lady actually owed her ex-boyfriend seventy-four dollars and fifty-four cents for dry cleaning bills, Cody sighed, startling Squib when she rested her head wearily on his shoulder.
“I like listening to other people’s problems. Makes me forget about my own.” she admitted. Shifting slightly, Squib enveloped Cody in a one-armed hug, leaving his arm resting on her shoulders. Judge Judy ended and some special news broadcast came on, though neither Cody nor Squib noticed. Squib was too preoccupied by the feeling of Cody’s body pressed up against his and Cody was too preoccupied with the feeling of Squib’s arm, lying supportively across her shoulders.
“Hey, Squib?” Cody spoke almost inaudibly, afraid of ruining the moment.
“Ya?” his chest rose as he spoke.

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