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Chapter 1

She tried to scream, but his large callused hand covered her mouth and nose, suffocating her. Her eyes were wide and panicked, as though she were the prey and he was the hunter. Her lungs begin to expand painfully, trying to pull at the air around her. Tears streaked down her pale face and she pleaded with the dark stranger for freedom. His hand moved from her face to her throat, squeezing tightly, digging his fingers into her soft flesh. Her mouth opened and she let out a strangled gasp, filling her lungs with air. The air around her was dank and smelled of rotting garbage. Blackness had descended upon her and with a single rip of his knife, she felt her shirt slip from her body, leaving her exposed to him. That was when she knew. Distraught, she kicked and swung her arms in desperation. She could hear his deep, mocking voice from somewhere above her and heard a tear. She felt more than saw the duct tape, being wrapped around her arms and legs, trapping her like an animal. Those hands. The large, callused, scarred hands. They were on her. With no way to defend herself and no air to scream for help, she wringled helplessly on the cold, damp, murky ground. She could hear him laughing above her, and she wished she could see his face. Just to see the face of the evil man, who enjoyed torturing her so. Everything was silent quite suddenly and she became frenzied, wondering if the man was just going to leave her here to die. She howled when suddenly the pain became excruciating. She could see his shadow above her and it sickened her. She wanted nothing more than to kill him right now. The blood ran, sticky and hot down her legs, saturating and mixing with the mud beneath her body. Stillness plunged down around her, and the only sounds were her gasps of agony, leaking out into the night air around her.

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