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Because You Live-Chp 6

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Cody collapsed into her bed “Home” She cried falling into her own bed. She was still getting over the ‘pox’ but her dad had just brought her home since she was alone in the nurse’s office anyway. She was about to pick up the phone and call Squib but her fathers voice boomed up the stairs “In bed and rest Cody”

“Fine” she whined and slipped under the covers into a deep sleep.


Squib dragged himself threw another day without Cody. She had been gone for 2 and half weeks now and he missed her so much. She was all alone in the nurses station and he knew how much he dreaded being by herself. He wanted to be there for her so much, but oh no! Nobody would even let him see his girlfriend. He picked up his guitar and started strumming away on it. He had written a song for Cody and couldn’t wait to play it for her. The phone rang and he answered his voice depressive.

“Hi, Squib and Cam’s room”

“Hey sexy” Cody’s voice acknowledged.

“Cody” Squib cried, the liveliness springing back into his voice “Are you better?”

“Not completely. I’m home thought, dad brought me home a few days ago. I wanted to call but he wouldn’t let me, he wants me rest and he mumbled something about parental instincts. Anyway! He said you could come over for a visit! Interested”

“Very, I’ll be right over” Squib smiled “I have a surprise for you ”

“What is it?” Cody squealed over the phone line

Squib laughed just happy to hear her voice and laugh again “You’ll see. I’ll be there in a minute. Bye Beautiful”


“Squib” Cody smiled as he entered the room, guitar in hand.

“hey you” Squib grinned laying down his guitar and hugging his friend “How are you feeling?’

“Much better. Glad to see you”

“YOUR glad” Squib cried then lowered his voice “I missed you so much Cody. I love you so much”

“I love you to”” Cody beamed “Now where’s my surprise”

“I write you a song.. wanna hear”

“Yes!!!!” Cody exclaimed. Squib picked up his guitar and started strumming his face turning all serous

“Staring out at the rain with a heavy heart
It's the end of the world in my mind
Then your voice pulls me back like a wake up call
I've been looking for the answer
I couldn't see that it was right there
But now I know what I didn't know

Because you live and breathe
Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help
Because you live, girl
My world has twice as many stars in the sky

It's alright, I survived, I'm alive again
Cuz of you, made it through every storm
What is life, what's the use if you're killing time
I'm so glad I found an angel
Who was there when all my hopes fell
I wanna fly, looking in your eyes

Because you live and breathe
Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help
Because you live, girl
My world has twice as many stars in the sky
Because you live, I live

Because you live there's a reason why
I carry on when I lose the fight
I want to give what you've given me always

Because you live and breathe
Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help
Because you live, girl
My world has twice as many stars in the sky

My world has everything I need to survive

Because you live, I live*”

When squib looked up his face was nervous “Well?”

Cody looked at him, her eyes filled with love and tears “Gary Furlong I have never and will never feel as loved as I do right now and I will never love anyone more then I love you at this moment”


“Adena?” Cameron asked jogging up beside her


“I did it”

“Did what ?” she asked confused

“I told her” Cameron declared as if it was straightforward

“Told who what?” Adena asked still in the dark

“Tannis!” Cameron cried, “I told her I loved you”

Adena smiled “And?”

“She wished us luck and said she was happy in Europe”

Adena erupted in giggled “Cameron!!! I can’t believe you told her”

“Well of course I did” Cameron smiled leaning down to Adenas height “I love you, and I know you were worried about us and Tannis. Adena I want to be with you and I don’t want anything to stand in the way”

“I love you to Cameron” Adena cried jumping into Cameron’s arms and kissing him “Everything is so simply just right now”


Meagan and Sebastian lay on the backcourt looking up at the clouds float by

“I love you” Sebastian suddenly spurted

“What?” Meagan asked wide-eyed turning to him

Sebastian took her hand “I said I love you. Not best friend love, not sister brother love, I really am truly in love with you Megs”

Megan couldn’t hide the smile from her face “I love you to Sebastian”

“I was hoping you’d say” He chuckled taking her hand in his “You know Megs, I think this is the beginning of many more I love you’s”

“I hope so” Meagan agreed softly

“Everyone’s so happy now. Me, you, Adena, Cody and Squib. Who knew when we first all met?”

“What do you mean”

“Who knew this would happen. That we would all find love and happiness amongst ourselves”

“I did” Meagan stated simply

“You did?” Sebastian asked surprised

“Come on! You had to see Cody and Squib coming” Meagan laughed.

“Point taken” Sebastian said joining in on her laughter and then taking her face in his hands and kissing her with all he had


Cody and Squib lay cuddled in her bed just talking and enjoying the feel of each other “Squib do you think we will be together forever?”

“If I have anything to do with it” Squib answered kissing the top of her red head

“I hope we do. I know no other guy will compare to you”

“I’m sure I’ll never find another Cody Myers as long as I live” Squib chuckled softly

Cody laughed and snuggled closer “Quoting a very talented person I know ‘ because you live, I live”


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