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15/Love Online

Because You Live-Chp 6

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Meagan itched on of the new bright red dots on her arm “I’ve counted 70 so far” she sighed.

“I’m at 80” Cody responded

“180!” Rick exclaimed “The most so far. I’m actually hoping to beat the world record”

“Rickk” Both girls wined and threw their pillows at him

“I lost count!” he cried, “Cody, Meagan, no offence but you girls are annoying”

“Were annoying” they exclaimed.

“Yes” he laughed.

“Rick, buddy, I love you and all but you are the most annoying human on the plant” Cody smirked.

“heyy! No way! Squib or Sunny!” Rick wailed

“I miss Squib” Cody pouted.

“It’s been like 3 days” Rick pointed out.

“3 and a half” Cody sighed.

“I miss the outside world” Meagan sighed.

“Meagan you wouldn’t know!” Rick laughed “The outside world. Ha! You wouldn’t know if we were trapped in some alien testing facility in Mexico”.

Both girls turned and starred “Im kidding” he laughed rising his hands.

“Thank god! For a second I thought the old Rick was back” Cody teased

“You love the old Rick” Rick winked “Admit it”

“I loved the old Rick” Meagan smiled “He was a hoot”

“And the new Rick isn’t?” Rick asked sticking his lip out.

“Actually I don’t see a difference between the two” Meagan frowned.

“This Rick is all grown up” Cody giggled jumping from her bed and running over to Rick. She jumped in beside him and grabbed his cheeks “All grown up!” Meagan laughed and ran over and joined the two.

“Ladies ladies, enough of me to go around” Rick winked and wrapped his arms around them.

They both giggled snuggled into Rick.

“This is the life” Rick smiled “I actually haven’t thought about itching in awhile”

“Me either” Meagan agreed

“I have” Cody rolled her eyes.


“I miss them” Adeana cried at the lunch table “I have no girl friends”

“I have no girlfriend” Squib sighed

‘Me either” Sebastian nodded

“ And im stuck here with you three” Cameron joked

Each one slapped his arms and Adena frowned “Your not stuck, feel free to leave”

“Babe I was joking” Cameron frowned wrapping his arm around Adena

“You better be” Adena smiled.

“GOD!” Squib cried “Shut up! Your not helping the fact that I miss my girlfriend. So Sebastain are you in? I’ll tell them your to busy making googly eyes at each other to come see them”

“Were in” Cameron sighed

“We are?” Adena asked

“Adena” Squib warned

“Im in im in!” she cried.


“shut up Dena!” Squib warned as they crept into the nurse’s office

“Im cold” she whined

Cameron took off his sweater and wrapped it around her shoulders

“Thanks” she smiled up into his brown eyes.

Cameron winked and grabbed her hand dragging her to catch up with the others When they reached the Squib and Seb they were opening up the room where Cody and the others where.

“Omg” Adena gasped, when she saw Cody, Meagan and Rick all cuddled up together asleep

“Man you really did lose your women to Rick” Cameron said stifling his amusement.

Adena bit her lip trying not to laugh. Squib tried to whip the mixture of jealousy and love from his face at the sight of Cody. He crept over and gently nudged her, her eyes popped open and when she saw squib looming over her a smile formed on her lips “I was wondering when you were going to show up” she yawned.

He smiled “You adda know I can’t go to long without you city girl. How are you feeling?”

“Itchy” she pouted.

“Hey Code” the rest of the gang waved from the other side of the room.

“Hi guys” she smiled, and pointed to a sleeping Megs and Rick “ want me to wake her for a quick hello”

“Nahh” Sebastian smiled sadly “Let her rest”


“Positive” he nodded

“Thanks for coming guys, but maybe you should go. I don’t want you to get sick”

“Okay, well we will see you soon” Adena nodded “get better cuz I miss you guys!” “ C ya Cody, hope you feel better” “Bye Cody.. hurry and get well, and tell Megs I said get better and I miss her”

“Will do” Cody smiled “bye guys”.

“I guess I should go to” Squib smiled sadly “I miss you Code. Please get better soon..and by the way cody with chicken pox is very cute”

“shut up..” she smiled “And I miss you more, im sure! Thanks for coming”

“My pleasure” he winked picking up her hand and kissing it “get better my lady”. He stood up and gave a little wave “Oh and before I go I better never see you in bed with another man besides me”

Cody laughed “Never”.

“They were here and you never told me!” Meagan squealed the next morning

“Sebastian said not to” Cody shrugged, “But he said to tell you get better and he missed you”

Meagan tried to hide the smile on her face “really?. I’m still mad”

“No your not” Cody yawned stretching her arms out

“No but I should be” Meagan pouted.

Rick laughed “You know guys we should be getting out of here soon”

“I know, we should be like not contagious soon!” Meagan agreed.

“I’m just glad the itching has died down.. Knock on wood” Cody rolled her eyes

Rick smirked “I was never that bad”

“Bite me” Cody growled, since she had itched the most

“It can’t wait to play tennis again” Meagan sighed

“I’m probably bumped down to C” Rick grumbled

“Rick your so not” Meagan reassured

‘I hope” Rick sighed “Where’s Nurse Sampson. I wanna see if we can leave soon”

“in a hurry to get away from us?” Cody pouted

“Never my fair ladies, just want to get back on the court”

“Enough about tennis” Cody cried


“Hi guys” Meagan smiled the next day

“Megs” Adena cried jumping from the lunch table and running to her friend and embracing her tightly. When Meagan finally slipped from Adenas grasp she sat at the table. She right away felt Sebastian’s hand in her own she looked over and gave him a smile “missed you” he mouthed

“Missed you to” she whispered leaning her head on his shoulder

“Aww” Adena smiled “So sweet”

“Where’s Cody?” Squib asked innocently trying to hide the wonder from his eyes

“She hasn’t been released yet. Just me and the Rickster” Megan answered softly “I feel so bad for her, all alone”

“That’s such a sin, did the nurse say when she would get out?”

“Soon maybe?” Meagan shrugged.

“When we left she looked so sad” Meagan frowned, avoiding the gloomy stare Squib was wearing.

“What is she going to do all alone in there?” Cameron asked

“She said read, write and take pictures of the wall,” Meagan laughed

“That’s Cody for yah. She’s a trooper” Adena smiled

“Excuse me” Squib muttered pushing out his seat and dragging himself off

“He actually misses her so much. I think the fact she is near but so far is pis.sing him off”

“Well I would say” Sebastian added in, wrapping his arm around Meagan.

“He seen her like 2 days and his still miserable. Man he loves her so much”

“I know. But come on there Cody and Squib” Adena pointed out

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