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The top guns all sat at there usual table. Well almost all..

“Guys where’s Meagan?” Cody asked

“She’s running late, she’ll be here in a sec” Adena answered between mouthfuls of cereal.

“Wohhh hold up now” Squib grinned “Meagan. Our Meagan is running late?”

“Ya” Adena stopped eating “Werid”.

“Meagan is never late?..” Cody started to say but Meagan rushed in

“hey guys! I know I’m late” she said rushly sitting down at the table “but I didn’t get much sleep because I was up all night..”

“Itching?” Cameron asked

“How’d you know?” Meagan asked confused.

“There are red dots all over your arm. I’m sorry to tell you this but you have..”

“Chicken Pox!” Adena screamed leaping from the table.

“nooo” Meagan moaned “it can’t be”

“Oh but it is” Cameron frowned “how many of you have haven’t had the yet?”

they all answered me except for Cameron. “God, how can you not have had them?”

“I dunno, but I don’t want them now” Adena pouted.

“Meagan I’ll walk you to the nurse okay, since I already had them”

“Thanks” Meagan nodded appreciatively “bye guys” she waved with a sad smile.

“Bye Megs” Sebastian waved support fully.

“Seb soo has them” Squib grinned.

“Just as much of a chance as you guys”

“Nah guys kisssssssss’ Adena mocked
“you live with her” Sebastian pointed out with a smile “as a matter of fact isn’t that her shirt”.

Adena looked down and frowned “Ahhh! I cant handle this. Me! Adena Stiles with the chicken pox”

“Oh big deal” Cody rolled her eyes.

“You don’t mind having them?” Squib asked

“Well I would mind, but its not the end of the world. Besides a few days off school”

“True true” Squib nodded

“And practice I guess” Adena sighed

“Besides we don’t defiantly have them” Sebastian pointed out

“Also true”

Cameron came back and sat down “Well Meagan is staying in the nurses station room until it gets better. The nurse is already setting up new more beds for the next arrivals. She wants you guys to go get checked out”

“Uhhh, Come on guys” Adena sighed standing up “The moment of truth”

“Adena get over it” Cody laughed.

“Drama queen” Squib smirked

“If im the drama queen you are surely the drama king!” Adena grinned

“No way!” Squib cried “Adena! There isn’t even such a thing!..”

“Point proven” Adena smiled.

“Bite me” Squib grumbled.


“well 1 of you have chicken pox” The nurse sighed “odds are the rest of you will get it. Another student has already got it”

“Who has it?” Adena asked biting her nails.


“Greatt” Cody sighed.

“Who else has it?” Sebastian asked

“Rick Geddes!” The nurse replied.

‘Are you serious!” Squib asked surprised.

“Positive” The nurse nodded “Ms.Myers you are confined in the ‘hospital until you are completely better. I’ll get your father to send over some our your things”

“Thanks.. I guess this is bye guys” she tried to smile “Its going to be awhile because im not even itchy yet”

Squib realized for the first time he wouldn’t be seeing Cody for weeks “Cody! I’ll miss you”

Cody turned, smiled and blew him a kiss “Miss you to”

“Get better” he called, as she entered the room “ugh! So this sucks”

“Looks like we lost our women” Sebastian sighed.

“To Rick” Cameron laughed and pointed as Rick went into the room.

“Ladies..” he nodded.

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