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15/Love Online

Because You Live-Chp 4
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Hours later his gaze hadn’t left her sleeping face. Finally she opened her bright blue eyes and gave a little yawn. She rolled over and saw him staring at her ‘squib!” she yelped, “What are you doing here?”

“You wanted your dad to get me. Do you remember?” Squib asked gently

She looked away ashamed “Yah I remember”.

“Cody, tell me what happened? What’s wrong?”


“Cody the truth. I stayed here all night with you, waiting for answers. Because I love you, and I want to help you”.

“Squib I just am so afraid of being alone. I’m afraid you’ll all leave and I will be by myself. I’m especially afraid of you leaving”

“Cody why! I’ll never leave you, it would kill me to lose you again”.

“Squib I’ve felt alone my whole life and as soon as I let someone in they leave me to”

“Like who? I want to know the whole story”.

“Are you sure?”

“Positive” Squib gave a reassuring smile and lay down beside her looking into her eyes.


“Guys where are Cody and Squib?” Cameron asked after 1st period.

“They weren’t at breakfast either” Meagan pointed out.

“Cody and Squib would not skip class…actually what am I saying yes they would!” Sebastian laughed, “They could be anywhere”.

“So today’s Friday!” Adena exclaimed changing the subject “What are our plans for this weekend. They need to be major”.

“Why major Adena?” Meagan asked “What’s different about this weekend?”

“Its only Squibs birthday!” Adena cried.

“oh man it is “ Sebastian slapped his head “I cant belive I forgot!”.

“I can’t believe I forgot! His was talking about it months ago” Cameron laughed.

“Well I didn’t forget! So party?”

“Party” Cameron smiled.

“I don’t know guys” Meagan sighed.

“Typical Megs” Adena laughed “Yes Meagan party!”

Meagan smiled “Fine. When?”

“Tonight!” Adena smiled ‘Tomorrow’s his birthday, so we will all meet in the gym at 10:30. we will leave a little after 12. Plan?”

“It’s a plan” They all agreed.

“This feels familiar” Sebastian smiled.

Adena grinned “Very familiar”.


Squib held Cody close “Cody I promise you I will never leave you. I love you too much, too much to even live without you. I will always be here for you; sometimes it may not be in person but wherever I am you will always be in my heart like I’ll always be in yours. So whenever your scared just think of me, because I’ll always be there”.

Cody looked up into Squibs big brown eyes “I believe you. I love you Squib”.

“I love you to City Girl” Squib smiled, wrapping his arms tighter around her.

“I know it isn’t quite your birthday yet, but I want to give you this now” Cody whispered getting out of bed and going to her desk.

“Cody you know you didn’t have to”.

”Yes I did” Cody smiled “It isn’t big or anything. It sucks actually”.

“I know it doesn’t” Squib smiled, as Cody handed him the neatly wrapped package.

Inside was a big dark blue book, and when he opened it held pictures of him. Ones of him playing tennis, him and the rest of the gang and ones of him and Cody. On the last page she had wrote a message ‘ Squib, this holds your memories of the past few years. I hope all the rest have pictures of me in it, I love you. Happy birthday, Cody”.

Squib smiled “Cody this is the best give ever”.

“No joke?”

“No joke” squib smiled.

“I got you something else to” Cody smiled, handing him a blue box.

“Cody no. You didn’t have to”.

“I wanted to, now open” Cody grinned.

Squib opened it and there was a silver ring. It said ‘follow your dreams’, and in craved on the inside ‘love Cody’.

“I love it. I love it” Squib smiled leaning over and kissing her.

“Where are we going?” Squib asked.

“You’ll see” Cody answered simply.

“Coddddddddy” Squib whined.

“Shhh” Cody warned.

“Where are we going?” Squib asked again.

“Here” Cody answered finally, kicking open the gym door and removing her hands from Squibs eyes.

“Happy Birthday Squib” Adena, Cameron, Sebastian and Meagan yelled as loud as possible without getting caught.


They all lay in a circle on the floor just like before, except with Cameron.

“Adena truth or dare?” Squib asked.

“Uhhh! Truth”.

“This has got to be good now..? Umm, god I cant think of anything!’ Squib grumbled.

“Okay skip my turn” Adena grinned.

“No wait! I got it.. last time we played this you said you never done it. Have you since?”

Adena blushed, but answered truthfully ‘Nope, still waiting for that right guy.. Now my turn. Cody truth or dare?”


“Okayyy.. have you and Squib done it?”

“Adena” Meagan cried “Very personal”

“Soo…” Adena laughed “ she has to answer”.

“I’ll answer..” Cody rolled her eyes “Adena you news and Squib have done it”.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Adena cried.

Cody felt Squibs hand in her own and she looked over and smiled “Love you” she mouthed.

“Love you to” he whispered with a smile.

“Adena I still can’t belive you ask” Meagan sighed.

“what!” Adena cried “Like you guys weren’t wondering”.

“You guys were wondering?” squib asked.

“I wasn’t!” Meagan cried.

“I was, man I have to admit” Cameron laughed.

“Its my turn to ask!” Cody cried “Sebastian truth or dare”.


“Are you and Megs together”.

“I wanna know to” Adena giggled.

“I hope so” Sebastian answered “And that’s the truth”.

“ So Meagan are ye?” Cody asked.

“Hell yah” Meagan laughed.

“This game sucks” Squib laughed sitting up.

“No it doesn’t” Adena pouted popping up.

“Adenaaaaa you love it because you love to know everything”.

“Its healthy” Adena smiled.

“Yah yah yah” Squib laughed “Listen guys I had a great time, but I’m going to head back. Cody you coming?”

“yep. See you guys” Cody waved as Squib threw her over his shoulder and carried her out.

“I’m out to guys” Sebastian yawned standing up “Past my bed time”

“yah me to” Meagan laughed.

“Guys…noooo!” Adena whinned.

“Come on Adena, lets go” Cameron smiled, helping his girlfriend off the floor.

“There like 100” Adena sighed “Uhhh!”.

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