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Because You Live-Chp 3
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They had all been back at Cascadia a week and things were going fairly smooth. Everyone was back in classes and practice, even Meagan and Sebastian, Cody was clicking her camera like something sick and everyone was happy. Everything was normal.


Cody stood on the beach watching the waves as they lapped to shore. Everything was great. She had her 5 best friends, her father, and a boyfriend she adored. Well everything should have been great, but the big shadow that something was going to come and rip it all away still followed her every move.

“Hey there you are” she heard a voice say, and a minute later Sebastian was standing beside her “We were all looking for you. We are going to start a movie, are you in?”

“I’ll be up in a minute” Cody said not moving her gaze from the lake.

“okay..” Sebastian said a bit confused at the distance in her voice “Cody are you okay?”

“I’m fine” she answered coming out of her daze and giving him her award winning smile.

“Cody.. What’s up?” Sebastian asked sitting down in the sand, and patting a spot next to him “We could always talk, so now should be no different”.

Cody sighed and plopped down next to him “I don’t really know what’s wrong. That’s the problem. Everything is wonderful, I have everything I have ever wanted but I just have a feeling something is going to come and take it all away”

“Is there something we don’t know?” Sebastian asked.

“No” Cody mumbled.

“Are you sure?”

“Positive. It’s just I love Squib so much, but I have a nagging feeling we are going to be torn apart”.

“Squib loves you more the life Cody. He will never left anything take you away from him, never!”

“But what if he can’t stop it. What if I can’t stop it” Cody cried “I don’t think I could handle losing anther person in my life Sebastian”.

“ Me and Meagan are alive so your not talking about us.. Who have you lost Cody”.

Cody wiped the tears from her face “Sebastian I think the movie is starting. We should go..”.

“Cody?!” Sebastian said in confusion.

“Let’s go” Cody ignored him and started to jog back to the school.

“Something is going on with her” Sebastian whispered, before running to catch up.

Squib had never thought of himself as the guy in love. He was the goofball, the tennis player, the best friend, the guy who made you laugh, not the guy in love. But now just looking at Cody made him melt inside, and hearing her laugh brought him a joy he had never known. And also being the guy in love meant being able to tell when the girl you love is upset, and just hearing Cody’s voice he could tell something was bothering her, her smile seemed stressed, and her eyes seemed far away. So once everyone left, he being the guy in love, confronted his girl about what was wrong.

“Cody? I can tell something is up?”

“Nothings wrong” Cody brushed off.

“Cody I can tell when there is something wrong with you so spill!” Squib sighed taking hold of her hand.

“Squib it’s nothing really”.

“if it’s nothing then tell me” Squib sighed, not giving up.

“Squib! Drop it !” Cody said threw clentched teeth.

“Cody when have you ever known me to drop something..?” Squib asked hoping to get a smile but all he got was a sigh

“I’m just really tired, k? Can we just go to sleep?”


“Squib please” Cody begged, and the desperate look in her eyes made Squib give up.

“Fine” he sighed “I’ll walk you home”.


Cody started up at her ceiling wishing she could just sleep. But talking to Sebastian and Squib had made her think even more of Matt. Matt she had dated for 6 months when she had first arrived in New York. He reminded her so much of Squib in the way he made her laugh and how he had hidden romantic side. Cody was sure she was falling in love, but then suddenly it was taken away. Matt had died in a car accident a few days before their 7-month anniversary. It hurt her so much. She didn’t even look at another guy till Patrick. She met him in a park while taking pictures, he was an amazing guy and she had decided to take a chance. But a month or two later he moved away with her family taking what was left of her heart with him. She figured three guys had pieces of her heart. Squib, Matt and Patrick. Squib had given her back everything when they got together but after losing him before and losing Matt and Patrick she was so scared of losing him again. The pain she knew she would feel hurt her already, and she knew she couldn’t take losing him. Then her mother. Her mother had left her when she 4. She had lived with her aunt for a few years, then her father, then her aunt and now here she was. Being moved around like that had given her the feeling of permanent loneliness. Tears started to well in her eyes and soon she found herself sobbing uncontrollably.

“Cody!” her dad cried running into her room “what’s wrong honey”. He wrapped his arms around her and let her cry into his arms.

“I don’t want to be alone” she wailed.

“Your not sweetheart. You have me, Gary, your frien…”

“How long will that last” Cody cut in “A day a week a month a year? How long till they get sick of me ? Mom did! You did! How long till they are taken away from me? Matt was! How long dad huh?”

Tears came to her fathers eyes “I’ll never be sick of you. Don’t ever think I was, Cody. You’re my family, all I have, I love you more then anything”

“Then why did you leave me? When mom left?”

“I couldn’t take care of you sweetheart. I didn’t know the first thing about raising a child. But I came back for you, I missed you too much.”

“ I’m just so scared of being left behind”.

“You’ll never be left behind sweetheart. I promise”.

When Cody didn’t answer, he sighed, “Want me to get Mr. Furlong to come down? Or Adena? Or Meagan? Or anybody?”.

“Squib” Cody muffled softly.

“I’ll go get him, I’ll be back soon Cody”.

“ok” she whispered, letting him go and laying down.


Squib was awoken by a knock on his door. He glanced at his clock “3 am?”. He climbed out of bed and answered the door.

“Mr. Furlong?” Cody’s dad asked, “Would you mind coming down and seeing Cody. I know it’s late but she is very upset”

“Is she okay?!” Squib asked alarmed.

“Well.Yes.She is okay. But she is very upset, and she wants to see you. Do you mind”.

“Not at all, just let me get dressed”.


Dr.Myers and Squib looked at Cody’s sleeping form. Tears stains covered her face but she looked peaceful “Can I stay. Like wait for her to wake?”

“Sure” Dr. Myers sighed, “Stay as long as it takes please Gary. She needs to know we are all here”

“Can you tell me what happened?”

‘ I think Cody should” Dr.Myers sighed “I’m going up to the school, to my office. I have a lot to think about, I’ll come back in the morning. I know I can trust you with my daughter, Mr. Furlong”.

“I love your daughter, sir. I just want to be here for her”.

“Make sure she knows” Dr. Myers nodded, and left.

A very confused Squib walked over to Cody’s bed and sat down beside her. He watched as her stomach rose up and down, with her heavy breathing. He couldn’t wait for her to wait up; he wanted to know what had made her so upset that her father had come for him. He brushed away a tear that still lay on her face, “I love you” he whispered.

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