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Because You Live-Chp 2
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The door opened and the five friends all held their breaths. Tears rushed to Cody’s eyes the first instant she saw Sebastian and Meagan. Squibs hand in her own started to shake, and she wanted to look at him but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the two figures sitting on the bed. After a few minutes of silence Meagan spoke “Somebody say something please” she begged. For a minute everything was a blue, but the next minute she felt Sebastian in her arms. Tears rolled down her face “I missed you” she whispered in his ear. She could still feel Squibs hand in her own so she knew he was close, but she couldn’t open her eyes half afraid she would wake up. “Good to see you Code” Sebastian smiled.
Cody regretfully let go and opened her eyes your really here”. “I’m really here he smiled. She felt Squib move closer to her “Sebastian?” he asked.

“It’s me Squib” Sebastian smiled “Good to see you man. How’s your ranking”.

Squib smiled “Top of group A”.

“Not for long” Sebastian winked.

Squib took a deep breath and let his tears fall. He grabbed Sebastian in a hug and laughed, “That’s what you think”.

Adena had not let go of Meagan since she had first spoke.

“Adena, it’s okay. I’m here, I’m alive” Meagan soothed.

“I missed you so Megs” Adena wailed “More then anything”.

“I know. I missed you to” Meagan whispered “But I’m back, forever”.

“I’m glad. So glad Megs”.

Meagan smiled “Adena time to let go”.

“No” Adena laughed, “Your not getting out of my sight ever again”.

“A little help her” Meagan giggled.

Squib and Cody turned and faced her “hey there” Cody smiled broadly.

“hi” Meagan smiled

“Do I get a hug Adena?” Sebastian asked with a grin.

“ahhh!” Adeana screamed letting go of Meagan “Sebastian!!!!!”.

He smiled “good to see you also, Dena”.


An Hour later the 5 sat on the floor of Meagan’s room. They had looked at pictures and Adena, Cody and Squib had told them about their lives now.

“So you guys finally got together eh” Sebastian smiled “What did I tell you Cody”.

Cody smiled “And I should have listened. Maybe if I had it wouldn’t have taken so long!”

“Is this about your promise!? Can someone tell me please” Squib wined “I have a right to know”.

“No you don’t” Sebastian laughed.

“Sebastian clear something up for us will yah” Cody smirked “Who are you going to help torment the other. Me? Or Squib here”.

”Oh come on, is this even worth asking”.

“Ha” Squib laughed.

“Help you make fun of Squib”.

“See..hey! Sebastian!” Squib cried, “I’m your best friend”.

“So is Cody” Sebastian pointed out.

Cody smirked “ha!”.

Meagan laughed “Oh man this is so much like old times”.

“I agree” Adena smiled “I wish Cameron was here. Your going to love him Guys!”.

“And Tanis” Squib reminded.

“Rightt! But she is gone away. She wont be back for months. Which means I need a roomie..Meagan!”.

Meagan smiled “of course Adena. But I’m not sure when we will be back”.

“I’m hoping to fly out when you guys leave” Sebastian informed them “Because that’s where my dad lives and it would be easier”.

“Really?” Meagan asked, “I don’t want to be here alone and I’m not sure what my parents will say?”

“They will say ‘whatever you think is best Meagan’ as always” Adena grinned, “This is going to be amazing”.

Cody smiled “I hope you guys do come back”

“me to” Squib agreed wrapping his arm around Cody’s shoulders.

“Ahhh! Oh this is going to be wonderful! Everything will be so much better then ever! I just know it”.

“Let’s hope. Here’s to the future” Squib toasted raising his water bottle.

“The future” they all agreed rising their water.

“Being as great as the past” Adena added in.

“To being as great as the past” they all agreed.

“Today was amazing. Simply amazing” Adena gushed and she crawled into her bed that night.

“it was, wasn’t it” Cody smiled putting on her pajama’s.

“I’m so happy. No words can describe. I’m the second ranked player in Cascadia. The first ranked girl. I have an amazing boyfriend who loves me. My best friend just moved home. And my other two best friends who I thought were dead are alive I just seen them. Can things get any better”.

“By the sounds of it no” Cody laughed.

“ life is great” Adena cried, rolling over and looking at Cody.

“I wish we didn’t have to leave tomorrow. I want to spent more time with Sebastian and Meagan”.

‘I know. But hopefully they will be on that plane with us tomorrow” Adena smiled “I wonder what Meagan’s mother and father said”.

“I wouldn’t even be able to make a good guess” Cody yawned pulling down the covers to her bed.

“I feel bad that Squib as to stay alone over there. Why don’t he just sleep over here”.

“I was going to ask him, but I wasn’t sure if you felt comfortable with it” Cody admitted.

“Holy smokes Cody! Go get him now”.

Cody laughed, and got out of bed “be right back”.


Squib was about to get in bed when there was knock on his door. He smiled, hoping it would be a feisty red head on the other side.

“Hey Furlong. Lonely over here?” Cody asked.

“I am so. Care to keep me company” Squib winked, drawing her into his arms.

“Come on, Adena said you can stay over with us”.

“In your bed?” He asked with a grin.

“The floor”

“What! Why!” Squib demanded shutting his door and following Cody to her room.

“I’m joking. Yes you can stay in my bed”.

“Whoo!” Squib laughed, running past her and jumping into her bed.

“hey Squib” Adena laughed.

“heyy! Thanks for the invite Dena”.

“No problem. I’m so not sleeping tonight anyway”

5 minutes later Adena was solid

“Famous last words” Cody snorted.

“Cody?” Squib asked snuggling into his girlfriend.

“mm” she murmured.

“I love you”.

“I love you to Furlong” Cody yawned.

“Today was great huh”.

”Yeah it was”.

“So your glad you moved back”.

“Of course!”.

“No regrets?”

“No regrets” Cody smiled “I’ll never regret anything about me and you Squib. I love you more then anyone in the world and I just want the next year to be wonderful”.

“Why the next year”.

“Next year were all leaving Cascadia”.

“Cody.. Just because we wont be in Cascadia doesn’t mean I don’t want to be with you. I’ll go anywhere with you”.

“And I will go anywhere with you” Cody smiled “I didn’t mean we would be over, I just meant we ALL wont be together. It wont be the same after next year. We wont see each other everyday, have classes, you know. I know I was gone awhile but it’s been almost 2 months and it seems like I never left”.

Squib sighed “I know what you mean Code. I wish you never had to leave, I wish I hadn’t been a jerk and just told you how I felt. I can’t image me without you anymore. Well I could I guess but I don’t want to”

Cody smiled “Together forever Squib?” she asked softly.

“Forever” he promised leaning down and giving her a long soft kiss


“Sebastian?” Meagan asked softly knocking on his door “Are you awake?”

“sure come in”

She walked in to see him half asleep in his bed

“I can come back tomorrow” she stuttered.

“No, come here. What did your parents say?”

“They said whatever I thought was best. So in other words they don’t care”.

“They do care”

“No they don’t”

“Well I care”

“Glad to hear it” Meagan smiled sliding into Sebastian’s bed beside him.

“So are you coming home with us tomorrow”.

“I’m not sure”.

“But you said you had the choice. Don’t you want to come back with everyone. With me”.

“Of course. But I’m scared.”



“I’ll be by your side being scared with you”.


“Forever, I promise”.


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