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Sequel to ' second chances'

The feel of Squibs hand in her own somehow made everything seem a little easier. Not much but a little. Truthfully she was scared at the thought of seeing her two best friends after all that had happened. In an hour they would see the people they had believed of never seeing again. She felt Squib squeeze her hand and she looked over at him. He gave her a brave smile “How are you?”

“Scared” she admitted with a nervous giggle “stupid huh”

“No. I feel the same way” Squib admitted, “I’m glad you’re here”

“Likewise” she smiled.

“I’m afraid I’ll fall to pieces” Adena sighed, “I don’t want to. I want everything to be totally normal”.

“Everything wont be normal, Dena”

“I know. But a girl can wish”.

Cody had brought along pictures of everyone from then and from now. She thought if she had nothing to say at least she something to show. Adena squeezed Meagan’s childhood teddy bear close to her. It had always made her feel closer to Meagan, and now she could return it to her friend. She was positive she was missing it. Squib had brought nothing physical but was already running lame remarks and stories in his head. In away they were all bringing the past.


Meagan brushed her long brown hair. She was nervous about seeing everybody. Would they be the same top guns she had left behind? Or would they be different people. She had missed them so much in the weeks since she had woken up. But she had Sebastian at least. The thought of him brought a smile to her face. He had kissed her last night. It was long and sweet, and she would never forget it. They would arrive soon. Her mother had brought clothes. They were a very different fashion then she had known when she left. But she had tugged on the tight hip hugger jeans and zip up sweater earlier that morning and was now quite restless. She had brushed her hair at least a million times in the last hour.

“Meagan?” A familiar voice asked knocking on the door “Can I come in?”

“Sure” she smiled “Just getting ready”.

“You look amazing” Sebastian smiled kissing her cheek.

“Thanks. I’m not used to these clothes though” she wrinkled her nose.

“Me either” Sebastian laughed touching the red shirt “this shirt is yuck. The shorts are mine though. Ah to be back in tennis clothes”.

“I cant wait to play again. Do you think we ever can”.

“I know we can. We are both going back to Cascadia with everything, what are the top guns without us”.

“true” Meagan smiled “Seb I’m scared though. What are they all going to be like”.

“The same”.

“Its been forever though”.

“They may look different but they are the same inside”.

“Hopefully” Meagan smiled nervously.

Sebastian took her hand “Don’t worry.”

They heard a knock on the door and they both whirled around to face it.


Squib knocked on room 90. Meagan’s room. Cody had his other hand and Adena gripped Meagan’s teddy bear for dear life. The moment all had been waiting for.

“Come in”.
****Author's Note: Just a short intro****

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