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Second Chances-Chp 11

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“Coach?” Adena asked, when they entered the room to see Coach Gunnerson, Dr.Myers and president Bates all pacing the small office.

“Ms. Stiles, Mr. Furlong, Ms.Myers I think you should sit down” Bates said in a soft voice, which wasn’t heard very often.

“What’s going on?” Squib asked sliding his arm around Cody’s waist.

“This is going to be hard to hear..” Dr.Myers answered.

“Dad what’s going on?” Cody asked slowly.

“Kids almost 4 years ago when you heard that Sebastian and Meagan had died you all took it very hard. And that was understandable, a few months later we received news that Meagan and Sebastian were still alive but both in a very deep coma. A 95% chance they were not coming out of. We didn’t want to get your hopes up, so we kept this from you”.

“How could you” Adena gasped, “you had no right”.

“Dad?” Cody questioned “Are you serious?! You kept this from us”.

“Cody we had no other choice” Dr.Myers frowned.

“What’s the point of this? Why are you telling us now” Squib asked, his face lacking any emotion.

“Because Sebastian has woken up” Bates said simply.

Squib held Cody tighter and grabbed Adenas cold hand “What?” Adena asked softly.

“Sebastian has woken up. All his wounds have healed and his is almost as he was before. Well a few years older and very confused”.

“His alive” Squib whispered.

“And Meagan?” Adena asked.

“Meagan is still in a vegetated state” Dr.Myers answered “There’s been no change”.

Squib felt Cody go weak in his grasp “Code what’s wrong?”

Cody’s eyes fluttered a few times and her knees gave way. She would have crumbled to the ground only for Squib caught her. “Cody!” her Adena cried rushing to her side.

“It’s been a rough day for her. For us all” Dr.Myers sighed “She has fainted because of the stress. Gary do you think you could help me carry her to her room”.

“ya” Squib muttered “Dena, you coming?”

Adena stood in shock “Are you sure she hasn’t woken up”.

“They said no change Adena” Gunnerson frowned “but I think we should all thank God for Sebastian’s miracle”.

“I wont thank God till Megs wakes up” Adena cried and stormed out of the room.

“I’ll find her” Squib sighed “Once I get Cody back to her room”.


Cody popped up from her sleeping position “Squib!” she cried.

Squib shuffled his chair closer to her bed “It’s okay. I’m here”.

“Squib is it true?”

“It’s true Code. Seb is alive”.

“Oh Squib! This is the best news ever” Cody cried hugging her boyfriend.

“I know” Squib smiled “Its weird though. When we see him, what will he be like. Like he was.. or what?”

“I guess” Cody frowned “Where’s Adena, how is she?”

Squib pointed to the two sleeping forms on her floor. Adena and Cameron was asleep in each others arms leaning against the wall.

“How is she?”

“She’s good. Confused, Mad, Happy.. pretty much the same as everyone”.

“What about you?” Cody asked.

“I’m good. I’m happy Sebastian is alive, more happy then anyone will ever know. But something still feels wrong”.

“I feel that way to. Maybe it will always seem wrong until or if Megs wakes up”.

“Maybe” Squib agreed.

“So when are we going to see Sebastian”.

“I don’t know. I’m hoping as soon as possible”.

“I can’t wait to talk to him” Cody smiled “To see him smile, Laugh, help me make fun of you”.

Squib smiled “ me either.. but I think it will be him helping me make fun of you”.

“ha!” Cody snorted.

“You know he is! Sebastian was… is My best friend”

“Me and Sebastian were close to you know “ Cody tapped Squibs chest.

“Not as close as me and him”.

“Maybe not, but we had a bond. He knew my secrets and I knew his”.

“Secrets?” Squib asked surprised “What secrets’.

“Wouldn’t be a secret if I told you, now would it” Cody smirked, remembering a promise the two had made right before he ‘died’


“Hey Cody wait up” Sebastian called, as she walked towards her house.

“Hey what’s up?”

“Cody I just wanted to thank you, for everything”.

”What do you mean?”

“All the help you’ve given me and keeping my secret”

“Sebastian I told you I would never tell and I wont. Your secret is safe with me”.

“And yours with me”

“I don’t have any secrets” Cody asked confused.


“What about him?”

“Don’t play dumb” Sebastian smirked “I know how you feel about him”.

“Friendship. Nothing more nothing less”.

“Ha!” Sebastian snorted, “Cody that is bull and you know it”.

“Well what about you and Meagan”.

“What about me and Meagan”

“If I like Squib you sure as hell like Meagan”.

“Maybe” Sebastian smiled shyly.

“Ahh! You do. Thank you for admitting it”.

“Admit you like Squib”.


“Ahh…so you admit you like Squib!”.

“I never admitted it!” Cody protested.

“ Yes but you wont admit you like him so you do like him!”.

“What!” Cody asked in frustration.

“You like Squib. Cody and Squib! Cody and Squib!” Sebastian mocked in a sing songy voice.

“I give up!” Cody cried raising her hands in the air.

”You admit?”

“I admit” Cody blushed.

Sebastian smiled “Now I have something I can hold over Your head”.

“Promise you wont say anything” Cody sighed.

“Promise.. And for the record. He likes you to. Its written all over his face”.

“Whatever” Cody tried not to smile “ Go play tennis or something”.

Sebastian laughed “Later Code”.

“Bye” Cody chuckled.


Cody moved over and patted a spot on the bed for Squib “Maybe my feeling I had earlier was a good one”.

“Lets hope” Squib smiled sliding into bed beside her.


Sebastian slipped out of his room and found his way to the room he thought to be Meagan’s. He saw her lying pale and lifeless in her bed. Is that what he had looked like up until a few days ago. He sat softly down beside her bed and took her hand “Megs it’s me. Sebastian”.

No response.

“It’s been a few years Megs! A few years and it seems like yesterday I held your hand as the plane went down. We lost years of our lives Megs. Were 16, 17 this year. Squib, Adena and Cody all thought they lost us. But they’re not getting rid of us that easily. We can still have our tennis dreams; we are bound to get some attention out of this! Open your eyes Megs just open your eyes” Sebastian begged in a whispered voice.

No response.

“Megs I though I heard your earlier. Thought I heard you scream my name. That’s why I had to find you tonight; I knew you were close by. The first thing I felt when I woke up was your hand in mine. I could remember the exact feel of it because I never let it go. Your face was the last thing I saw and it was the first thing I saw when I woke up. I seen you mouth the words I wanted to hear for so long Megs ‘I love you’. I love you to. I’m not sure if you heard me say it back, because your eyes were shut so hard. I love you Megs, please wake up”.

No response.

“Meagan I’m sure you screamed out to me earlier. Almost postive”.

No response

“The tops guns are coming soon. A few days. I cant wait to see the gang. There like grown up now Megs. Don’t you want to see them with me”.

No response.

“Maybe I should go. Bye Meagan”.

“Your hand was the first thing I felt to. And your face was the first thing I saw” came a raspy voice “I heard you say I love you to. I don’t know how, but I did”.

“Meagan!” Sebastian yelled in happiness “Meagan! Oh Meagan!”. Tears rushed down his face “I so happy you’re awake! I don’t know what I would do without you”.

Meagan opened her eyes and a tiny smile appeared on her face “probably ramble on and never know when to shut you big mouth”


Dr. Myers looked in his daughter’s room and smiled. The four best friends all asleep probably dreaming of what there lives are going to be like when all there friends were reunited and sharing the rest of their lives together. That was one reunion he didn’t want to miss. He figured he’d wait and tell them the good news about Meagan. They all needed there rest, because they were all about to have their much-needed second chance at being happy.

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