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Second Chances-Chp 10

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Cody opened her eyes and the events of the last few days flew back to her. Squib, Coming Home, Michael, everything happened so fast. She knew she loved Squib more the anything but what Michael had said really hit home. He hadn’t been there for her the past year, but Michael had. She wished Michael didn’t feel that way about her because it would make things alottttttt easier. She loved him like a brother, not like the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. She regretfully climbed out of bed and got dressed in simple blue comfy pants and a white tank top. Michael had stayed the night in a hotel and was leaving that afternoon. “Hi Dad” Cody said kissing her fathers cheek and sitting down to breakfast.

“Hey Pumpkin.. Squib, Adena and Michael all called for you”.

“Thanks. So Dad what’s new?”

“What do you mean sweetheart?”

“Any new women or anything with the job or you”

“Well actually I have been seeing this women..”.

“And you never told me!” Cody exclaimed “Details”

“Her name is Courtney. She’s nurse at the local hospital. Weve been seeing each other a few months”.

“Is it serious?”

“It could me” her father smiled.

“That’s wicked dad” Cody grinned.

“So how about you. Who are you dating this days”.

“Squib..i guess” Cody sighed.

“That don’t sound to good”.

“I love him dad I really do. I loved him since I first met him, its just he never tried to contact me in New York. That really confuses me”.

“Squib was hurt when you left sweetheart. Anyone could see. He dragged himself around for weeks. It wasn’t till months after you left that he got back to normal and he never was fully the same”

“Really?” Cody asked.

“Yes , I told him how you were doing and that maybe he should call you but he said it was for the better if you just forgot about your life here. If he called he would end up begging you to come home and he wanted you to have your dreams”.

“Wow” Cody muttered under her breath. This gave her even more to think about.

Cody was about to call Squib back when the phone rang “Hello?” she asked.

“Hi Code, it’s me”.

“hi Squib” Cody said softly.

“How are you? You seemed really upset last night”.

“Yeah I was.. I had a lot to think about”.


“I’m sorry if I seemed distanced”

“It’s okay. I was worried”.

“Don’t be”.

“So.. what happened with Michael”.

“It’s long. His still here though. I convinced him to stay until this afternoon. I’m going to pick him up and bring him to the airport soon”.

“Want some company”.


“I understand”

“Actually sure why not. I told him I needed him to be a friend, not a boyfriend”.

“Really? Okay. When are you leaving?” She could hear Squib perk up, she laughed “Be here in 20 minutes!”.

“See you then! Love you”

“Love you to” Cody said after a short pause.

She blew a piece of hair from her face, She had a feeling this was going to be a long day.


“hey” Squib smiled when Cody opened the door “You look good”.

Cody grinned “Thanks you flirt. Come on”.

“I aint no flirt” Squib protested wrapping his arm around Cody “I just want to tell my girl how beautiful she is”.

Cody leaned her head on Squibs shoulder. This felt better. There wasn’t any tension there like she felt last night. She felt comfort in Squibs arms, it felt good. The past was the past, and now she wanted to live the future with Squib.
They got into the car and Cody turned on her CD. Soon she was singing along to the music.

“You have an amazing voice” Squib looked over at her with a smile.

“Your kidding right?” Cody laughed.

“For once no” Squib smirked.

Cody rolled her eyes.

“Why did you stop?”

“Stop what?”


“I don’t know”

“Are you embarrassed”.

“No!” Cody scoffed.

“Because I love your voice, so you would have no reason to be”.

Cody smiled, and soon she was singing along again. Squib just sat listening to her beautiful voice the whole way to the hotel.


As soon as they pull up in front of the hotel the smile disappeared from Cody and Squib’s faces. Michael was staring at them and boy did he look pis.sed.

“I though it was just you and me”, he whispered when Cody rolled down her window.

“I though it would be nice if you really met Squib before you left. You’re my best friend and his my boyfriend”.

Michael rolled his eyes but got in the back seat.

“You guys weren’t formally introduced. Squib Michael, Michael Squib”.

“Nice to meet you man. Cody has told me a lot about you”.

“When? You never answered her letters how would she tell you”.

“Michael!” Cody gasped. Squib’s eyes narrowed “Cody had forgiven me for that”

“Well she shouldn’t. Man you’re a jerk”.

“You have no right to say that!” Cody growled whirling around in her seat “I though you agreed to be my friend!”

“I did! I do! But Cody this guy doesn’t even see how wonderful you are”.

“I do! Cody is an amazing person and that’s why I love her. She is so talented, smart, sweet, not stuck up, funny and great to be around. And she makes me want to be a better person! I’m not going to let you bad mouth my feelings towards her!”.

“Man you don’t know what love is” Michael frowned “Love is being there for someone. Something you’re not cut out for”.

“I just wanted Cody to have her dreams, after all who was I to stop her. She knows I love her, and that whatever she needs I’ll give her”.

“All I need is you” Cody interrupted, her voice soft but full of emotion.

“And your all I need” Squib looking at Cody and smiling.

“I can’t listen to this. I’m gone”. He jumped out the car and headed for the hotel.

“I can’t go after him again. He just ended what was left of out friendship” Cody whispered a tear running down her cheek “ If he can’t accept us, then I don’t want him in my life”.

Squib reached out and brushed away her tears “You know I’m always here for you baby”.

“I know” Cody sniffled “And I need you now”.
Squib and Cody sat in the bleachers in the backcourts looking out at a few people practicing their swings. Squib had his arm lightly around Cody’s shoulders.

“Today.. was .. well.. weird”.

“Yeah” Cody agreed.

“Code, I hope Michael doesn’t have a bad affect on what we have”.

Cody turned and looked at Squib “I love you. Nothing can change that, nothing!”.

Squib smiled “Code I wanna be like this forever”.

Cody lay her head on Squibs shoulder “It should be like this forever”.

Squib rubbed his hand up and down Cody’s arm “Its kind of cold out and we have been here a while. Want to go back to the school?”.

“No. I just want to be here with you”.

“Always good to here” Squib whispered.

Cody smile turned to a frown “I’m worried Squib”.

“What about?”

“I’m not sure. I just have a feeling something big is going to happen”.

“Good or bad”.

“That’s what worries me. I don’t know”.


Her eyes flew open and everything was different. Plain white walls were all around her and strange beeping noises.

“Where am I” she croaked out. It hurt to talk, actually everything kind of hurt.

“Where am I” she said a bit louder.

She tried to think of the last thing that she could remember. She was on a plane, going to a tennis match. Suddenly the plane started to go down. She remembered his hand in hers “SEBASTIEN!” she screamed out on the top of her lungs.


Adena woke up from her nap with a scream ‘MEGS!”. She started to shake and her face was damp with sweat.

“Adena?” Cameron asked waking up “ What’s wrong? Are you okay”.

Tears started to pour down Adenas face “I can feel her. It’s like she’s here with me Cameron!”.

“Who?” Cameron asked.

“I got to find Cody and Squib” Adena cried leaping out of bed.

“Adena! Wait! What’s going on”.

“I don’t know. But it’s something” Adena cried bolting out the door “I’ll call you later”.

“I’m coming with you”.

“Don’t” Adena stopped and faced Cameron “I need to be alone with Cody and Squib for a little while. I’ll call you soon, I’m okay. Really”.

“Fine. Call me as soon as you talk to them”.

“I will”.

“And Adena”

“yah?” She asked turning around again.

“I love you”.

Adena smiled “I love you to”.


Cody and Squib were now alone on the backcourts. Squib shivered “Sudden chill”.

“I felt that to” Cody whispered hugging into Squib tighter.

“Cody! Squib!” Adena cried running onto the court “I’ve been trying to find you everywhere”.

“Adena what’s wrong?” Cody asked noting the tears on Adenas face.

“Its Megs” Adena answered.

“What?” Squib asked taken back.

“Guys! I just.. I don’t know how to describe it!”.

“Adena I don’t understand” Cody sighed.

“Megs! I feel her. Like she’s alive”.

“Adena, they’ve been gone almost 4 years”.

“I know they have, but something different. Something is going on”.

Speaker<> Will Gary Furlong, Adena Stiles and Cody Myers report to Coach Gunnerson’s office please. That’s Gary Furlong, Adena Stiles and Cody Myers.

They all exchanged glances “What did I tell you” Adena whispered.

“There is something going on Adena, I agree with you there. But is it good or bad” Cody shuddered.

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