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Second Chances-Chp 9

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“I have to go after him!” Cody exclaimed pulling away from Squib’s firm hold.

“Cody are you sure that’s such a good idea?” Squib asked gently.

“I cant just let it end like this. His been such a good friend and letting him run off hurt and hating me. I just can’t do it. I love him so much, but just not that way. He needs to know that I don’t love him as much as do”.

Squib sighed “I’ll tell the others you will be down soon”

“Thanks” Cody gave him a quick smile and ran off.

Squib sighed, he really hoped Cody felt no more then friendship for this guy.


“Michael!” Cody shouted when she finally spotted him at the edge of her drive way.

He turned slowly “hey Squirt”.

Cody smile slowly “hey Mike.. I’m sorry about..”.

“Forget it okay. Pretend I never came”.

Cody shook her head “I can’t do that Michael. I love you so much ! as a friend. You’ve been like a brother to me and I don’t want to lose our friendship over this”.

“You moved back for him didn’t you”.

“what?” Cody was a little taken back by the question.

“That’s why you came home”.

“Ah… yes. Truthful Squib was the main reason I came home. I love him Mike”.

“Cody !” Michael screamed “You don’t even know him ! Where was he when you got your first hangover, when you had mono, when you failed you science test, when you dated Matt and Patrick, when you cried because you were homesick! When HE didn’t return your emails, letters, phone calls?! He wasn’t there Cody! But I was! I was there for you threw all that!”.

“And im grateful” Cody broke in tears streaming down her face.

“So grateful you just up and move away!”.

“ You didn’t even say goodbye!” Cody yelled, “How much do you love me”.

“It would have killed me to say goodbye Cody!”.

“Michael I’m sorry ! I’m so sorry! But I love Squib I always have and I always will. He was there for me before I even knew you”.

“Cody when was he there for you? Between matches! Tennis will always be his first and always love. It comes before you”.

“You don’t even know him” Cody growled.

“He didn’t come after you. I came after you! Where was he for two years! “.

“He came”


“Last week!”

“Jesus Cody last week! He waited long enough. Even Rick cared enough to come visit. The others wrote. What did he do? He forgot about you Cody, because tennis is more important!”.

“Go home!” Cody screamed, “Get away from me”.

“Cody” Michael said softly, hating that he made her cry so much “You know It’s true!”.

“get away from me !” Cody screamed, “I hate you”.

Tears ran down Michaels face “Call me when you get a clue!” and with that he was gone. Leaving Cody alone on the ground crying her eyes out. Finally she pulled herself from the ground and dragged herself to the beach.

“hey guys” she said half heartily putting a fake smile on her face.

They all turned “Cody what’s wrong?” Adena asked standing up and making her way over to her friend.

“Everything’s perfect” Cody smiled.

Nobody said anything but she was clearly upset. When Squib put his arm around her she flinched and she never really said anything much. After only being there an hour she stood up “I’m really tired guys. Delayed jetlag or something, I think I’m going to head back. I had a great time though, so thanks”.

Squib stood up “I’ll walk you up”.

“ that’s okay. You stay and enjoy yourself. I’ll see ye tomorrow”.

“I don’t want you to walk alone. I won’t take no for an answer”.

Cody sighed “fine. Bye guys”.

“Bye Code” They all said softly.


“Cody you seem distance” Squib commented.

“I’m okay” Cody whispered.

“No your not. What happened with Michael?”

“Nothing. His gone”

“Cody, you know you can talk to me”.

“I know”

“I’m worried”.

“Don’t be”.

“I can’t help it. I love you”.

”Do you?”

“What?! Code, you know I do”

“I know “ Cody sighed.

“Cody, please don’t ever doubt that”.

“I won’t”.

Squib sighed but didn’t say anything more. They finally reached the house and Cody opened the door “I’ll see you tomorrow Squib”

“Sounds good. I”ll call you when I wake up. Love you babe”.

“Mmm hmm .. bye Squib”. Cody shut the door and Squib leaned against it. Something happened with Michael, and Cody was so cold and distanced. He really hoped this wasn’t for good.


Cody lay on her bed and the tears started to flow again. What Michael had said really had put thoughts in her head. She hauled her cell phone and dialed a new York Number.


“Jenna” Cody cried “I’m so glad to hear your voice”.

“Cody! I was going to call you! Michael.. his gone there”.

“I know all about it” Cody sighed “Oh Jen it was so bad”.

“Ohmigosh Code what happened !?”

“Well hear goes..”.


Michael sat in the airport waiting for his plane. It killed him to look at Cody loving her and look at her looking at HIM loving him.

“Mike!” A voice cried.

He turned around “Cody?” he asked.

She jumped in his open arms and started to cry “You’re my best friend you know. Nothing makes sense. I’m so confused”.

“So am I Cody. So am I” Mike smoothed down her hair “I don’t know what’s going to happen. All I know is I love you”.

“Mike don’t say that please. Can you just be a friend to me now”.

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