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Cody was curled up a couch on her front step looking at pictures when Squib came back.

“Hey Beautiful” He called, walking down the path.

Cody laid down the pictures and smiled “Hey you”.

Squib sat down beside her and laid his arm loosely behind her “what are you up do”.

“Just looking at some pictures” Cody said handing a pile to Squib.

Squib picked threw them “hey ! I remember this one ! I took it, when we were out on the boat. Cody would you mind if I kept it?”.

“It’s a hundred years old Squib” Cody wrinkled her nose.

“I know, but I never want to forget how beautiful you looked at that moment”.

Cody blushed “Well since you put it that way you can keep it”.

Squib leaned over and gave Cody a quick kiss “Forever”

Cody snuggled into Squib “So what are we doing today? My first day back”.

“Well have you seen everyone already?”

“Everyone but Rick”.

“I passed him on my way down here, want to go see him”.

“ Okay, sounds good”.

Squib stood up and took Cody’s hand, and pulling her up. He affectionately wrapped his arm around her and hugged her close as they walked. Cody caught sight of Rick before he saw her so she ran from Squib’s hold and jumped Rick to the ground “ hey loser”.

Rick rolled over “Cody?” he asked “You’re here !”.

Cody laughed “Hey Rick”.

Rick grabbed her in a hug “Oh man Code I’ve missed you. How long are you home for?”.

“Forever !” Cody laughed, a wide smile on her face.

“Forever?!” Rick whispered.

Squib walked up and plopped down by Cody “hey Rick”.

“Squib” Rick nodded his head.

“Cody I’m so happy you’re here” Rick smiled “I’m glad my best fiend is here. Wanna go Steady?”.

Cody laughed at the joke “I’m already going steady with Furlong here” she said laying her head on squibs lap.

“Lucky guy” Rick nodded.

“I know” Squib agreed holding Cody closer.

“Listen, I got to go to lunch with my dad. See you to later?” Cody asked standing up and brushing the grass of her skirt.

“Sure, see you Code. Nice to have you back”.

“Nice to be back” Cody smiled “I’ll call you later Squib”.

”Bye” Squib called as she walked back to her house.


Adena and Cameron lay under a big oak tree “Cam we have to tell her sometime. I mean, she is only going to be gone so long”.

“I know” Cameron sighed “I don’t know why it’s been so hard. Me and Tannis were never together in the first place”.

“Yes, but you always had the sexual tension between you”.

“Adena, I like you. A lot! I want to be with you. As soon as Tannis gets home we will tell her”.

“In a few months.. And I’m going to feel guilty until then”.

“Well till the next time she calls?”

“Sounds good” Adena smiled “Now how about you buy me dinner”.

Cameron laughed “Come on Dena, were going to Arnies”.

“Yum! Hamburger platter here I come!”

Cody made her way up to the school and knocked on Squib’s door. There was no answer so she went inside any ways. Squib was solid asleep on the floor. She smiled and crept over to him. She lay down beside him and just watched him sleep. His dirty blonde hair was brushing his forward and Cody couldn’t help but brush it away from his face. Squib stirred and Cody leaned close to his face and gave him a soft kiss. Squib slowly opened his eyes “Cody when did you get here?”.

Cody smiled “ A little while ago. Your so cute when your asleep”.

Squib smiled, and pulled Cody closer to him, closing his eyes again “How was your day?”.

“Good. I missed my dad so much. But the day is nowhere near over Squib. It’s only 3” she smiled shyly.

“What do you have in fine Ms.Myers” Squib asked playfully.

“I have an idea” Cody smiled.


Cody opened her eyes to see Squibs face “hey you” she moaned “What are you doing?”.

“My turn to watch you sleep” Squib smiled “And God do you look beautiful doing it. Why is your always so beautiful?”.

“It’s a gift” Cody yawned, pulling the blanket closer.


“You have no idea”.

”We could cancel tonight”.

”Cancel my own welcome home party! I think not”.

Squib smiled and kissed her softly “Well I’ll pick you up around 8”.

“Sounds good”.

“ Code it’s 5. Time for dinner”.

“I don’t wanna go”.

”Me either. But everyone will notice if were missing”.

“So..” Cody grumbled, burring her head in Squibs chest “Wouldn’t you rather stay here with me?”.

“More then anything, but Cody commmme on”.

Cody laughed “I’m up I’m up”. She slipped into her shirt and sweater “im gone”

“no!” Squib yelped jumping out of bed “Wait for me !”.

“No way ! be seen with you I think so” she laughed and took off down the hallway, her shoes in her hand.

“Cody Myers!” Squib cried slipping on his cargo pants and a shirt “I’m going to make you be seen with me” He started to run, and finally caught up with her at the entrance of the café. He picked her up and carried her to the group A table over his shoulder “Hello All” .

“Umm.. Squib? Cody?” Cameron asked “Whats up”.

“Nothing starving” Squib grinned.

“Gary Furlong if you don’t put me down I’ll figgin kill you”.

“Is that supposed to make me wanna put you down. I’m to young to die”.

Adena, Cody, Rick and Squib kind of got quite for a minute. Cameron knew what they were thinking about to he tried to lighten the mood “Man I couldn’t eat another bite after that munch at Arnies”.

Squib let Cody down to the floor “Sorry Code”.

Cody smiled “Its fine. Just joking around”.

“I like being part of group of A while Tannis is gone. I never though I’d be part of this group”.

“What did I tell you Rick. Your always group A to me” Cody smiled hugging Rick.

“And I never forgot it” Rick smiled “Thanks Code”.

Squib got kind of jealous watched the two friend interact “So Everyone excited about the party tonight”.

“Yep! Any excuse for a party! And this is a d**n good one” Adena grinned.

“Down at the beach at 8:30” Squib reminded.

“We’ll all be there” Cameron commented before taking a bite of Adena burger.

“Hey so much for not being able to eat anything !’ Adena cried.

Cody slipped into a black summer dress and her black flip flops. Adena and curled her hair and done her makeup for her earlier so now all she had to do was wait for Squib. She finally heard her doorbell ring. She jogged down to the front door “Coming Squib”. She pulled open the door, but it wasn’t Squib it was “Michael!” Cody cried in surprise “What are you doing here!?”

“Not the welcome I expected” Michael chuckled nervously “Cody listen. Wow you look amazing.. I came to tell you something”.

“What is it?”

“I love you”

“Cody?” Squib asked coming up this front porch.

“Squib” Cody muttered confused “This is Michael”.

“Squib? The Squib who broke your heart”

“Man who do you think you are”.

“I love Cody !” Michael growled.

“I love Cody ! And were together” Squib said angrily wrapping his arm around Cody’s waist.

“Cody is this true?” Michael asked.

“Yes.. Mike I’m sorry” Cody started.

“Don’t bother” Michael shook his head walking away “I shouldn’t have even come”

"Michael i'm sorry" Cody cried as he walked away "I love you as a fried".

Michael waved his hand not looking back.

Cody leaned on Squib tears running down her cheeks "I just dont feel that way"

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