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Squib kissed the top of Cody’s head “I’m so happy your home”.

“Me to” Cody smiled, kissing the tip of Squib’s nose “I should go.. Dad will get worried”

“Do you have to?” Squib wined pulling her closer.

“Yes, I do” Cody giggled “ I’ll see you tomorrow Squib”.

“We have the rest of the week off you know”

“Really? That’s strange. I like it though. More time to spend with you”.


“Yes?” she asked pulling on her top.

“Wanna go steady?” Squib asked half serious half joking.

“Oh my god you sound like Rick” Cody laughed.

Squib looked a little hurt, so Cody stopped laughing.

“But yes I do want to go steady, Furlong”.

Squib smiled “Good. I wonder what Rick will say when he sees you. His in the B group now you know”.

“I know” Cody smiled, pulling up her skirt.

“You know?”

“Me and Rick talk all the time. He emails me at least once a week, he came and visited me for a week one time to.”

“Really?” Squib was surprised.


“Cody” Squib felt bad “ I’m really sorry about not keeping in touch”.

“It’s okay. Really. It hurt, but we are together now. That’s the main thing”.

“Are you sure?”

“Positive. I’ll see you tomorrow okay. Love you”.

“Love you to” Squib smiled, laying back down in the sand “More then you’ll ever know”.


Squib woke up the next morning with a huge smile on his face. He couldn’t wait to see Cody. He looked at his alarm clock.

“12!” he exclaimed jumping out of bed.

Cameron laughed “Yah man you missed breakfast. Cody was there, she was wondering where you were”.

“S**T S**T S**T !” Squib muttered to himself as he hauled on his jeans.

He pulled on an old orange shirt from back in the day (witless bay term: P, don’t know if anyone else uses it. we tend to make up words/sayings) and ran threw the door “ Later Cam”.

Cameron chuckled “Bye Squib”.

Cody sat on her balcony sun bathing and catching up with Adena, when she noticed Squib running down the path to her house. She smiled and pointed to Adena “here comes Romeo now”.

Squib slide to a stop and paced the step “Hi Cody…Hello Cody..Hey Cody..”.

Cody bite her lip holding back a smile, but Adena was having a hard time muffing her laughter. She ran into Codys room and buried her face in a pillow.

“Um..Squib?” Cody asked leaning up the balcony “Up here”.

Squib backed slowly of the step and looked up at Cody. Cody smiled, and the redness that was creeping up his neck onto his face. “Hey Cody”.

“Hi Squib”.

“What are you doing up there”.

“Um.. not much.. what are your doing down there?”.

“Looking for you… I wanted to know if you wanted to do something or you know..”.

“Well I have to un pack and stuff since I didn’t get a chance last night..”. They both turned pink since they knew why “Come back in an hour okay?”

“Sounds good”.

“see you then”.

Squib walked slowly up the path, and when he though Cody wasn’t looking started beating it back to his room.
Cody went into her room, and when she was sure he was out of earsight, she started to howl with laughter “I love that boy!”

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