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"Daddy!” Cody yelled flinging herself into her father’s arms.

“Cody” Dr. Myers closed his eyes and hugged his daughter close “Why I let you move to New York is beyond me. I’ve missed you kiddo”.

“I missed you to Dad! I can’t wait to go home!”.

“I can’t wait to get you home. Everyone is going to be so excited to see you Cody. Do any of the kids know your back”.

“I told Adena last night. But she promised not to say anything. I want to surprise them” Cody smiled.

”Okay” Dr. Myers smiled wrapping his arm around his daughter “Let’s get you home”.


Cody went into her old room and a huge smile spread across her face. It was still the same old purple room. Some pictures were still tacked onto the wall. Her old bedspread had been replaced with a white puffy one. Her dad came up behind her “It’s the same minus the bedspread. I bought a new one yesterday after you called”

“Thanks dad” Cody smiled, dropping her suitcase on the floor.

“Do you want me to bring up the rest of your bags?”

“Sure” Cody smiled.

“When are you going to visit the kids?”

“Dad.. Stop calling them the kids” Cody grinned.

“When are you going visiting the gang” Dr. Myers smiled, trying to sound cool.

“Soon” Cody laughed, plopping down on her bed.


Adena heard a knock at her door and drew her eyes away from the TV “Come in!” she called. The person kept knocking “This better be good! I’m missing the OC for you..” she swung open the door “Omg Cody!!!!!” she screamed

“hey Dena” Cody smiled.

Adena grabbed her friend and pulled her in the room “When did you get here !?”.

“That minute” Cody smiled.

Adena squealed and hugged her friend “I’m so glad you back ! I’ve been so lonely”.

“You have Cam, Squib and Tannis” Cody laughed sitting on Adena’s bed.

“Tannis is gone away for a few months” Adena rolled her eyes “She’s been gone two weeks and I’m board already”.

Cody laughed “Well I’m here now”.

“Does Squib know you’re here yet?”

“Nope..and I need your help for that one…”


Squib and Cameron were restlessly throwing a tennis ball back and forth when Adena came into their room “Hey Squib, some girl told me to give you this”. She threw a piece of paper and sat down next to Cameron “Hey babe” she whisper, kissing his cheek.

Squib read it “This isn’t some ploy to get rid of me is it ?” Squib asked, doubtful.

“ What does it say?” Cameron asked.

“it says meet me at the beach” Squib mumbled, he grabbed his sweater “I’ll buy it. Your dead if you wrote this Adena”.

“Adena, does this have to do with what you said about Cody?” Cameron asked when Squib had left.

Adena couldn’t hold it anymore “She’s home ! Cody’s moved back home !” she screamed.


Squib walked down the path to the beach “stupid Adena. She so made this u[“ he mumbled “or maybe not..””. There was a girl on the beach all right. “Hello?” he called out. He jogged down, and saw a girl with red hair looking at the water “it can’t be” he though to himself. “hello?” he asked again.

She turned and smiled “Hi Squib”.

Squib’s eyes opened wide “Cody?”.

Cody laughed and ran up to him “I’m home Squib”.



“Oh my god!” Squib hugged her and lifted her into the air “Cody I’m so happy”.

Cody giggled, “Put me down”.

Squib held her closer “never”.

“How can you kiss me if you don’t me go” Cody pointed out.

“I’ll mange” Squib grinned letting her down on the ground.

She wrapped her arms around his waist and looked up into his eyes. He leaned down and gently kissed her. They slowly made there way down to the sand. Cody’s bare leg brushed against Squib. They both shivered with electricity.

Cody pulled away for a minute “Squib, I want to be with be with you”.

“Here? Now?” Squib asked.

“It’s perfect” Cody smiled.

“We don’t even have a blanket” Squib pointed out.

Cody smiled slyly and jumped up. She ran to the woods edge and pulled out a blanket.

Squib smiled “Aren’t you prepared”.

“Are you?” Cody asked.

Squib nodded.

Cody pulled off her jean skirt and tank top and lay down beside Squib, throwing the blanket over the to of them. “I love you Gary Furlong”

Squib pulled her close “And I love you Cody Myers”.


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