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Squib plopped down on his bed back home. He was back home now, and he missed Cody more then ever. He opened his lab top to see if she had written back but there were no new messages.

“Squib how was it!” Adena squealed coming in the room “is New York beautiful”.

“Some parts are” Squib smiled secretly.

Adena didn’t catch on “You won huh! That’s wicked. I’m so happy for you”.

Squib smiled “Adena..”

“yeah? Oh Squib I wanted to ask..”>

“I saw her!” Squib interrupted

“Seen who?” Adena asked, then though for a minute “Cody!?!”.

“Yeah” Squib smiled.

“ohmigosh ! Squib where?, did you guys talk?, how is she looking?, I miss her so much! , I though you guys didn’t keep in touch?, do you still like her? Omg squib this is huge!”

“I bumped into her during a rainstorm, then we went back to her dorm, yes we talked, she is good, she looks amazing, I missed her to Dena, we didn’t, yes.. I love her. and yes Adena his is huge”.

“Excuse me ! you love her !” Adena cried “Squib is bigger then huge, its monstrous! What are you guys going to do now ? are ye together ?”.

“ I’m not sure of anything anymore Adena. All I know is I love her and I need to go with her. Dena.. I think I’m moving to New York for Cody”.


“Cody what’s this about?” her friend Jenna asked.

“Yah, what’s the emergency” her other friend Michael asked sitting down beside her.

“Guys. There’s no easy way to say this. I’m moving back home” Cody took a deep breathe waiting for there reaction.

“What !” Jenna freaked “Cody ! why !”

“I .. I have my reasons”

“Code..” Michael’s eyes swam with tears “why? Please don’t go”.

“Mike.. I have to..” Cody sighed.

“I’m going to miss you so much Code.. when are you leaving?”

“Tomorrow I think”.

“What!” Michael yelped “Cody tomorrow !”.

“Yeah.. I already have the ticket”.

“But Cody” Jenna cried hugging her friends “why! It wont be the same without you girl”.

Cody held back tears “It’s for the best”.

“I don’t think so !” Michael commented “Cody why go back there. What’s there for you”.

“My dad!” Cody answered “And other stuff” she added.

“Like what?” Michael asked crossing his arms “What?”

“I lefts friends behind there to you know Michael ! Also Michael this is my choice ! I don’t need your blessing on the matter!”.

“ Cody you were 15 years old then ! There your childhood friends !”.

“Michael can you please leave” Cody growled “Just leave”.

“Christ Cody, your about to make the biggest mistake of your life!” Michael yelled, storming out of the room in a huff.

Cody started to cry, “It’s okay Code. We’ll visit each other. It’s cool girl. Listen I’ll go with you to the airport tomorrow okay. I want to spend as much time together as possible. As for Mike, his just upset. You know he loves you girl” Jenna wrapped her arm around Cody.

“I know he does. But Jen, I just don’t feel the same. My heart will always belong back to a boy in Cascacdia. I love everyone back there and I miss them so much. And my dad is all alone there. I need to go back Jen. I’ll miss you terribly but it’s what needs to be done”.

“I know Code, I know”
Squib checked his email for the thousand time that day. Still no reply for Cody. He sighed and leaned back on his bed, he wasn’t scheduled for another practice or game till the following Monday, and it was only Wednesday. The whole school had a week’s holiday starting the pervious Monday. A whole week! That was huge for them. They barely had summer off. They all though something strange were going on, but nobody bothered to question it. If Squib had known he didn’t have any classes, he would have stayed in New York for much longer. He checked his email once more before grabbing his coat and racket and heading outside.


Cody pushed a stray hair from her eyes and huffed. Packing was hard business. She gave up on trying to fit her clothes into a suitcase and sat down at her laptop. She had an email from ‘tennisstar’ and ‘rising star’. Squib and Adena. Their email address’s were so thingyy and suited them so perfectly. She opened Squib’s first.

‘Hey Baby, I’m on the plane now; I miss you like something sick Cody. I love the picture, thanks for sending it. I’ll call you as soon as I can, okay. But write back to me when you get this, I’ll be looking forward to it. How was your test? I’m really sorry about that, if I had known I would have stayed at my hotel. Actually no I probably wouldn’t have, I couldn’t leave you till it was absolutely necessary. Well Cody, I’m gone. Write back, talk to you you..Squib”

Cody smiled and typed back a short message, but leaving out the part about her coming home. She wanted to surprise him. She had lied a little but minor stuff, who’d know. After all she couldn’t tell him the real reason the email couldn’t be long, now could she. She read Adena’s email, which simply said “YOU MET UP WITH SQUIB! DETAILS! WRITE BACK”

Cody laughed, she couldn’t wait to be home.

Squib hit a few balls with Tannis, then headed back to his room. He checked his email yet again hoping for a reply. His day was made, when he seen a response from ‘camera girl’. He quickly opened it and read it.

‘ hey Squib,
Cody here. I guess your home now, great to be back to sunny Cas. Rather then here in rainy old New York. How are things back home, I guess your already back to practice. Have fun with that, lol. My test went good, after you left I got a few more hours of sleep then crammed. Well Squib sorry for the short email but I gotta jet. I’m going out with my friends Michael and Jen. Phone soon. Xo’s, Cody”.

“Michael?” Squib asked himself, honestly a little jealous.


“Bye Jen, I love you” Cody said hugging her friend.

“Bye Code, I’ll miss you. Call as soon as you land!”

“Will do”. Cody looked around “I guess he isn’t coming to say goodbye” she sighed.

“His mad..i’m sure he’ll be here”.

“Doubtful..but thanks “ Cody sighed as she looked around one finally time “ I have to board. Tell him said bye and I love him..”. Tears came to her eyes “I’ll miss you both more then you’ll ever know. Your like family. Take care of him okay”.

Jenna brushed away a tear “I will”.

“Bye Jen!.. ‘bye New York’ ”


Adena snuggled into Cameron and grinned “I know something you don’t know”.

“Oh yah…whats that baby”

“Can say” Adena grinned “But it’s major…and I mean MAJOR”

“Adena” Cameron sighed “Just tell me..”


“Does it involve why we have a week off?”.

“Nope.. let’s just say it’s about a certain little red head we all know, love and miss horribly”

“Cody? What about her !”

Adena smirked “Cant say !”

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