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Squib heard Cody’s alarm clock go off. They had set it for 5 so he could get back to his hotel without anyone noticing him gone. He left his eyes close hoping she wouldn’t wake. He didn’t want to leave yet. Actually he never wanted to leave ever. He just wanted to forget the outside world and stay in bed with Cody all his life. He felt Cody stir in his arms

“Squib” she moaned “it’s 5”.

Squib sighed and opened his eyes “I don’t want to leave”

“I don’t want you to leave either.. but you have to. The night’s over Squib”.

Squib regretful let go of Cody and got out of bed. He pulled on his shirt ( ) “ I’ll come visit soon, and it wouldn’t kill you to come home for a visit”.

Cody sat up and wrapped a blanket around her “No I suppose it wouldn’t. I’m gonna miss you all over again Squibby”

Squib blushed at the nickname “Cody I’ll call as soon as I get settled back home okay.”

“I’ll be looking forward to it” Cody smiled “I’d come to the airport but I got a test”.

“you have a test! Cody if you had to study you could have said something..”

“And miss that perfect night with you, I don’t think so. Besides I’m all brain” she smiled, and Squib couldn’t resist sitting down beside her, wrapping his arms around her, and kissing her with all the love he had. They both pulled away regretful “You better leave” she whispered.

“yah” he whispered back “Go back to sleep okay. It’s to early for you to be up”.

“Good night Squib” Cody said softly leaning her head against his.

“Night Code”.

“Wait!” Cody exclaimed, she took a camera off her bed “One last picture”.

Squib smiled and leaned closer to Cody. She snapped a picture “I’ll send you it..”.

“Id like that. By the way. it’s only the first picture Code…now sleep !”

Cody lay down and closed her eyes. Squib kissed her forehead, and taking one last look left Cody’s room. Cody started to cry “God I’ll miss him”.

Squib leaned against her door and a tear ran down his face “Man I’ll miss her”.
Cody opened her eyes regretfully. Her night with Squib was over. She looked at her clock, it was now 7. Squib had left 2 hours ago. In a few hours he would be on his way back to Canada. She sighed and crawled out of bed. For some reason she though it would be easier losing Squib the second time, but it hurt just as much. She picked up her high-tech digital camera and sat down in front of her laptop. She uploaded the picture she had taken earlier that day. They both had bed head and were still half asleep, but she loved it. She smiled traced her hand over Squibs face ‘perfect’ she whispered. She opened her emailed and sent the picture to Squib and typed a quick note. School didn’t start till 9 ‘might as well cram” she sighed and grabbed her books.


Squib sighed as he boarded his flight. He was losing Cody, he didn’t want to leave her behind in New York. He couldn’t ask her to return home, she would be leaving her dreams behind. He would never ask her to do that. He sat down and when they were in the air he took out his lab top and plugged it in. He had 3 new emails “Probably from Adena and Tannis wondering what I got them” Squib rolled his eyes. Sure enough there was 2 from Adena and Tannis, but the third was from Cody. He smiled and clicked open the email. The picture of them was there and a note from Cody ‘hey Squibby. You’re on a plane now leaving me behind. I miss you already. Talk to you soon. Love Cody”.

“I didn’t want to leave you behind” he sighed holding back wet tears.

He wrote her back and then shut his lab top. Losing Cody the second time hurt more then the first time. He loved her so much; he wanted to be with her the rest of his life. He was only 16, 17 in a month, but he knew he would never love another women as much as he loved her. It was impossible. He closed his eyes and remembers her smiling face last night as they lay in bed.

~ “You are so beautiful Cody”

“I look like a drowned rat” she laughed.

“ You always look beautiful to be Code”.

Cody blushed, making her look even more beautiful “Thanks Squib”. She cuddled into him and closed her eyes “I wanna lay like this forever”.


He wanted his whole life to be as wonderful as last night had been. He decided on that plane ride to leave Cascadia and move to New York. After all, it was New York, it had everything. It had to have a good tennis school. Besides even if he was a big tennis star, what was it without Cody there to share it with him? “ That settles it” he vowed, “I’m moving to New York”.


Cody hugged the Squib’s pillow. It still smelled like him, she loved how he smelled. She wished he was still here, even if for a few minutes. Last night she realized how much she really did love Squib. She lay down the pillow and picked up here phone. She quickly dialed her dad’s number “Dad. It’s me. I’m coming home”.

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