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“it would have!” Squib asked.

“oh come on Squib” Cody rolled her eyes “I was so obviously head over head for you!”

“You were?” Squib asked surprised.

“ Squib! I liked you so much maybe I even loved you. If you had to ask me to stay I wouldn’t have even though about it! And then when you didn’t write back… Squib you broke my heart”.

“Cody when you left I .. I felt so alone. I read every letter; they made me feel closer to you. But I just couldn’t bring myself to write you”.

Cody bent her head “We could have been great”

“We still could be Cody” Squib believed, putting his big hand on top of her small one.

“Squib..” Cody looked up “We are different people now”

“Cody I still feel the same as I did the day you left home”


“You have a boyfriend don’t you?” Squib asked with a sighed.

“ No, not anymore”

Squib shivered at the though of Cody with another guy “You don’t feel the same?”

“I do..”

“Then whats the problem” Squib smiled his huge smile , making Cody melt.

“Squib you live in Canada, me in New York. You’re leaving tomorrow”

Squib bit his lip “Hmm..i’ll move here”

“And give up everything you’ve worked for!. You were amazing in your matches, there is no way you are leaving home!”

“It was you there” Squib smiled.

“Never missed one” Cody blushed.

That made Squib so good, the fact she had come to his games. “I only have 1 year left”

“I don’t care.. We just have tonight Squib”.

Squib sighed “Then let’s make the most of it”
“It’s still pouring” Squib pointed out.

“I think that is obvious” Cody laughed.

“I meant what are we going to do?” Squib rolled his eyes.

“ Umm.. go to my dorm and watch movies all night”

“Do you have a roommate?” Squib asked trying to sound casual.

“no” Cody laughed punching his arm.

“Let’s go” Squib smiled holding open the door for her.


“So this is where you live” Squib commented walking into Cody’s room.

“ya, chill here. Got to change”.


Cody grabbed some stuff and went into her bathroom. Squib looked around the room. It as painted white and lot’s of pictures pinned to the wall. He noticed mixed in with the ones of her friends from New York, were pictures of him and the rest of the bunch from school. Framed on top of her desk was a picture of him, Cody, Megs, Adena and Seb. He smiled remembering when it was taken. He missed the five of them together. They had been the best few months of his while life.

“What movie do you want to watch?” Cody asked walking out of the bathroom.

Squib smiled. She was as beautiful as ever. She had on pink pajama pants and a black tank top and her wet hair still stuck to her face. “Whatever” Squib shrugged his shoulders.

Cody smiled “How about Napoleon Dynamite. It’s old but a classic”

“I know. We watched that the night before you left, remember”

Cody smiled, and softly answered “I remember”. She caught Squibs eye “I missed you so much my first few months here”.

“I never stopped missing you. I miss you like crazy Cody” He slowly moved towards her “jesus Cody I still love you”.

“Squib things have changed so much..” Cody softly said.

“Not my feelings. I know yours haven’t wither Cody”.

“No, they haven’t” Cody admitted. Squib was now so close she could smell the mixture the cologne and rain “ But Squib why do this when your leaving tomorrow”.

“We have tonight, you said we had tonight Cody”.

Cody could handle it anymore she crushed her lips onto Squibs. She had wanted to do that since they had gotten off the boat. Squib wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. She ran her hands threw his wet hair, his hair which was still as wild as the day she left. He pulled away “I love you” he whispered.

“I love you to”

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