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This is a little more the year from now. Cody left school to move to New York, Squib stayed at Cascadia and became the best player in the school. Now 16, almost 17, they are both in New York..


Squib bounced a tennis ball against his hotel wall. It was his last night in New York and he was so board. All his tennis matches were over and a gold statue lay by his bed. His mind was suddenly taken over by the images of a 15 year old French red head. He hadn’t seen her in almost 2 years but he still found himself thinking about her all the time. She was the most amazing girl he had ever known and he had let her slip away. She had wrote him but he was to mad that she had left to write her back. Now it was to late. He though he had maybe seen her at one of his games, but he was probably just daydreaming. It couldn’t have been here. Every game he had played since she had left he strained his ears hoping to hear the click of her camera. He pulled on a sweater and left his room. He was starved and was sick of fancy hotel crap. He wanted some old style pizza. He walked to an old pizza parlor he had seen on his way home from matches. He felt a drop of rain and quickly ducked inside the pizza shop. He had made it just in time because the rain was pouring now. He sighed and plopped down in a booth just as a soaking wet girl ducked inside.
Cody Myers walked down a New York street on her way back to her dorm. She had just been at Squib’s tennis match. She hadn’t missed one. She didn’t want to talk to him but she missed seeing his face so much. She had wrote but he never answered once. Adena and the others told he was good, but she sure wished he had cared enough to write. It had been so long, and she still though of him at least once day. He was her best friend, and she loved him so much more then that. But he didn’t feel the same clearly. She felt a drop off rain fall on her red head. “Great”she moaned. Within a minute she was soaked to the bone. She quickly dashed into a old pizza place and sighed. She was stuck here for awhile.

“Cody Myers?” a voice asked.

Cody turned around “ya?” her eyes opened wide “Squib?” she asked softly.

He smiled and walked towards here “Well Cody I never though I’d see the day”

“What day is that?” Cody asked with a smile.

“The day I see Cody Myers without a camera”

Cody tapped the black bag on her shoulder “didn’t want it to get wet”

Squib grinned “same old’ Cody”

Cody smiled and moved into his open arms “whatever Gary”

”I’m probably getting you wet” she whispered.

“I don’t mind” Squib said in a husky voice.

Squib closed his eyes in pure happiness, he had missed her so much, and her being in his arms felt so right. She pulled away and asked “is it Squib or Gary now”

“Professional it’s Gary, for friends it’s still Squib”

“So what should I call you?” She asked sitting down in a booth.

“Squib of course. Why would you ask that”

“Squib it’s been 2 years, can you still classify us as friends?”

“Always” Squib smiled.

Cody blushed, for reasons she didn’t know, and shook her head “So..”

“Code I missed you” Squib said with a sigh, after a few odd moments of silence.

“You’d never say” Cody huffed/

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Squib asked.

“I wrote you a 100 times!” Cody frowned “Never though on writing back?”

“Cody I was mad…” Squib sighed.

“You had no reason to be mad Gary Furlong!”

“I liked you Cody ! that’s why I was mad! I know it was unfair but I wanted you to stay with me”

“Did you ever think of telling me that”

“Would it have affected your choice to leave?” Squib commented sounding sarcastic, but with a hint of hope in his voice.

“Yes” Cody said after a few more moments of silence “More then you could ever know”

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