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When Hope Gets Lost-Chp 4
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A few hours later, Cody's dad came in to take them back to Cascadia.

"You guys," Dr. Myers whispered softly. Cody opened her eyes and she found herself cuddled up with Squib, while Adena was rubbing her back while she was sitting on the red couch across from them. Cody quickly got up and grabbed her bag. Squib woke up and had no idea what was happening, he was totally out of it.

"Do we have to leave?" Adena asked.

"Yes, President Bates is expecting you back, tomorrow in class and attending practices." Dr. Myers answered. The three of them followed Dr. Myers outside and to a black car. The three of the crammed into the backseat, not noticing that there was still the passanger seat was available. A few minutes later, when Dr. Myers looked to the backseat, he saw all three of them sleeping. Cody's head was on Squib's shoulder, and Adena's head was on Cody's shoulder, and Squib's head was resting on the window, Dr. Myers smiled. He knew how his daughter felt about Squib.

A few hours later, Dr. Myers woke them up once again and told them that they better hurry and head to their dorms.

"Hey Cody?" Adena asked.

"Yeah?" Cody replied wondering what she wanted as they were all crawling out of the car.

"Could I stay at your place tonight? It's just really lonely." Adena said.

"How about all three of you stay at the house tonight, in the living room." Dr. Myers suggested.

"Okay," the three of them aggreed. Soon they were all lying on the living room floor in sleeping bags.

"Now, when I wake up, I better not see you guys in each others sleeping bags." Dr. Myers said. Cody laughed.


"Yeah, yeah yeah. Good night you guys." he said heading upstairs.

"Good night." Adena, Cody, and Squib yelled back at him. Squib fell asleep right away, while Adena and Cody were talking. Cody got an idea, she ran upstairs and grabbed her camera and ran back down. She put on her flash, and took a picture of Squib drooling.

"Heyy..." Squib groaned, waking up from the flash, then went back to sleep moments later. Cody went back into her sleeping back and about an hour later, all three of them were sound asleep.

"Girls." Dr. Myers said softly waking the three of them up.

"Hey," Squib said offensively.

"Oh sorry, and boys." Dr. Myers replied. "Now, there's breakfast on the table, and you guys better get ready for school, or you're going to be late.

"Dad, do we have to go to school?" Cody complained.

"Yes, you guys have to get back into the swing of things."

"But, we won't be able to focus." Adena said.

"Well, we won't know anything for a while Adena. Nothing has changed, the doctors said there's only a slight chance that they'll wake up. So I wouldn't get your hopes up. Now, go get ready for school and eat some breakfast." Dr. Myers kissed Cody on her forehead and walked out the door.

"Ughh..." Cody sighed and flopped back down. "I don't want to go to school."

"I don't think anybody does Cody," Squib replied getting up, "Well I better go, get ready for school."

"What? You're not going to stay for breakfast?" Cody asked.

"I'm not that hungry."

"Oh, okay." Squib got up grabbed his jacket and headed out the door. Adena and Cody got up and went into the kitchen.

"Okay, so we have pancakes, french toast, eggs, bacon, or toast." Cody said looking at all of the food her dad had cooked.

"Wow, your dad really goes way out."

"Yeah, he does this all the time when he thinks I'm depressed or sad." Cody said sitting down and grabbing some toast.

"Cool. All we get for breakfast is oatmeal, or cereal. Even if we are depressed." Adena said also sitting down and she grabbed some french toast.

"That's the good side of being a 'faculty brat'" Cody said. After breakfast, Adena left for her dorm room to grab some clothes, and Cody went and got ready for school also.

Adena couldn't focus during her classes, all she could think about was Megan. If she woke up, what they would do together, everything would be back to normal, then something bad got caught in her thoughts, what if she doesn't wake up? Adena shook her head. "Stop thinking like that," Adena forced herself to think of something else.

Cody sat in her desk during english class. Her teacher was giving the whole class a lecture on grammar, she already knew everything to know about grammar, it was so pointless to listen, so she got lost in her thoughts. She remembered her first day at Cascadia, when she thought that everyone there were just some snobby rich kids. Then, she remembered showing her pictures to Adena and Megan, they were laughing at the picture she took of Squib. Cody smiled at the thought of Megan and Sebastien waking up and everything going back to normal.

Squib slammed his head down on his desk, he was so tired. He didn't feel like thinking about World War Two. He didn't think much of history, it's history, why can't we just focus on the present and the future. Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by a smack on the head, he pulled his head up and noticed that his teacher and his whole class were staring at him.

"Just resting my head, you may go on now." Squib said. The teacher walked to the front of the room and started her lecture again. Squib sighed and felt his head fall down to his desk again.

By the time it was dinner, Adena, Squib, and Cody were so in their thoughts that they didn't even notice when Squib fell asleep in his food. A few minutes later Cody shook her head and looked at Squib and laughed, she grabbed her camera and took a picture.

"Adena...Adena?" Cody exclaimed trying to get Adena's attention. Adena shook her head and looked at Cody. She pointed at Squib and Adena glanced at Squib, the two of them started to laugh, and soon they had woken up Squib.

"Wha..." Squib asked, as Cody pointed at his face. He raised his hand and touched his face. He felt some gooey liquidy substance on his face. He quickly grabbed a napkin and wiped it off.

"You tell anyone and I'll kill you." Squib said embarassed.

"We don't need to tell anyone." Cody laughed and tapped her camera.

"You took a picture!" Squib exclaimed. Cody nodded and stopped laughing and tried to catch her breath. Adena was still laughing until she fell off of her chair. Now Squib was starting to have a laughing fit, and Adena hit him on the shoulder.

After dinner they were playing cards in the open.

"I miss Megs." Adena complained slapping a card down.

"And Sebastien." Cody added slapping another card down.

"Yeah," Squib agreed, and slapped one of his cards down. It was Adena's turn, but she didn't have anything, so she secretly bent down and pretended to sneeze while she grabbed an ace out of her sock.

"Adena!" Cody exclaimed.

"What?" Adena snapped back up, and slammed the card down.

"You cheated. That card is from your sock!" Cody replied.

"No it's not."

"Okay then if I were to reach into your sock then there wouldn't be any cards there?"

"No." Cody leaned over and was about to reach into her sock when Adena gave in, "Fine, here," she said as she picked out each card one by one out of her sock.

"Geez Adena, how many cards did you hide in there." Squib said watching Adena just keep on going.

"About a whole deck."

"I'm surprised that no one noticed that your ankles were fatter." Squib joked.

"I do not have fat ankles...Do I?" Adena said turning to Cody.

"No, you don't have fat ankles." Cody replied, hitting Squib in the shoulder.

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