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When Hope Gets Lost-Chp 3
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The next day, Adena woke up at five to her alarm clock. She groaned and rolled over. She hit the sleep button and slowly got up. She got up, grabbed her clothes and went and took a shower. After she was dressed, she had brushed her teeth and hair, washed her face, she was sitting on Megan's bed. She looked at the picture of her, Megan, and Cody. She laughed at the quality of the photo, she remember that Squib had taken it, and he had no idea how to work Cody's camera.

Squib woke up at six in the morning and went and took a shower, he threw on some clothes and brushed his teeth, and his hair for once. He decided to go and get breakfast even if he wasn't very hungry.

Cody groaned and pushed the sleep button on her alarm clock.

"Only seven," Cody groaned, she was about to go back to sleep when she remembered what day it was. She got up grabbed some clothes and took a shower. She brushed, her teeth, washed her face and brushed her hair. Then, she headed out to meet up with Adena and Squib.

A few hours later, Cody, Squib, and Adena were at the hospital.

"Hello, you guys must be Cody Myers, Gary Furlong, and Adena Stiles?" a nurse said.

"Yes," the three of them answered.

"Well, they are pretty weak and in critical condition, so only one can go in at a time. Also, I encourage all three of you to talk to both of them. Most of the people that have woken up from being in a comas say that part of the reason that they fought was because they heard the voices of loved ones. Now who wants to go first?" the nurse explained. Adena looked around, she guessed that Squib and Cody were going to wait, so she got up and headed into Megan's room, she would talk to Sebastien last.

She stood on the other side of the door that lead into Megan's room. She looked in through the window, Megan was so helpless. She couldn't stand to look at her like that. But she had to, she wrapped her hand around the doorknob and walked in. Megan was so pale, and she had bruises and cuts. Adena wasn't used to seeing Megan like this, so weak, Megan was always the one to stick to something, to keep on fighting. She went and sat down on the brown chair beside the bed. She sat in silence, just hearing the beeps and buzzing from the machines that were keeping her alive. Adena didn't know what to say.

"Megan, it's me Adena. What would I do without you? You're my best friend. Remember when we would make fun of Squib of how he would look at Cody, everyone knew that he liked her. Except Cody, she was so clueless." Adena faked a laugh, she didn't know what to say. She felt tears building up in her eyes. "Megan, you were always the fighter. You always finished something that you started. You'd always say, dilligance is the mother of good luck. Remember back in Oakville where we'd mess up and we'd just change the rules? But, that was before all of the agents and stuff. Come on Megan, wake up. Wake up!" Adena shouted those last two sentences. "Everything would be different without you, who would I make fun of Squib and Cody with? Who would I make fun of Sunny with? Come on Megan, wake up for me! I love you, and I'll miss you if you don't." Adena couldn't take it anymore, she hugged Megan and walked out of the room.

She walked to the door next to Megan's room and looked in the window. It was Sebastien's room. He was lying there, just like Megan. She opened the door and walked in, she went and sat down on another one of the brown chairs. "Hey Sebby, it's Dennie remember me? Well, please wake up, please. Everything would change without you, who would I play cards with? I wouldn't be able to tease you about Megan, which by the way is really fun." Adena felt the tears stream down her face, she wiped them away, but they just came back. "Well, Sebby, I hope that you can hear me when I say I love you, as a friend of course. Well, I guess I should let Squib get his turn to talk to you and Megs. I hope to see your brown eyes again." Adena stood up and embraced her friend. Then she left the room. When she got out of the room, she walked over to the waiting room and fell against the wall and slid down onto the floor. Cody went over and sat down beside her friend and hugged her.

Squib guessed that Cody wasn't going to go in next so he got up and went over to Megan's room first.

Squib went and sat down on the brown chair. He looked around the white plain room, the beeping and buzzing echoed in his head. "Hey Megs, it's Squib. I don't know what to say. Just please wake up. Everything will be different without you, I mean, who would tease me about liking Cody? Or who would I go to for advice on girls, more like advice about Cody, I mean I could go to Adena, but she wouldn't keep my secrets like you do. Like about Cody, and my family. Megan, you're my best friend, I don't know what I'd do if I lost you." Squib held back his tears, he wasn't one to show emotion, and he didn't want to show Cody or Adena that he was crying. "Well, Megs, my last wish is for you to just wake up. I'm not going to say good-bye, cause that would mean that you are leaving, and hopefully you won't." Squib stood up and walked out of the room and headed for Sebastien's room.

He opened up the door and went and sat down on the brown chair. The room was just like Megan's white and plain and he could hear the beeping and buzzing of the machines. "Hey Seb. Remember me, Squib? Well, I just wanted to say we all miss you both, and hope you wake up. Just wake up." Squib couldn't help it. He felt the tears about to fall down from his eyes and there was nothing he could do about it. "You have your whole life ahead of you. You can't just go now, not now. I know I'm not one to show my emotions or anything, but if you go, I would miss you so much, and I don't know what I would do. You're my best friend. Well, I hope to see you up and whooping me at tennis soon. Okay?" Squib said as he headed out of the room. He went to the other side of the room and sat on the couch, and covered his face.

Cody watched Squib run over to the other side of the room and she guessed that it was her turn now. She stood up and headed to Megan's room. "Hey Megs. It's Cody." Cody felt the tears building up in her blue eyes. "Please wake up. Please just wake up. You have your whole life ahead of you. And who would help me with homework, or to figure out ways to get back at Squib. Who would me and Adena make fun of about you liking Sebastien? Well, that's all I can think of saying to you right now. I just hope that you will wake up, please. Love ya, and miss you." And with that Cody stood up, embraced her friend, and headed to Sebastien's room.

She wiped off her tears, and walked into the room. She went and sat down on the chair, the same chair that her other friends had sat on. She didn't know what to say. She sat there without talking for a few minutes then said something. "Hey Sebby, it's Code. Please wake up, please. Without you, I wouldn't be able to talk to you about Squib, and tease you about Megan. Who would whoop Squib? Who would rub it in Squib's face? I really don't know what to say, the only thing that I can think of is just to wake up! Wake up for your best friends. We miss you, and we need you. Well, I love you, and miss you, please wake up." Cody wiped away her tears, hugged her friend, and walked out of the room. Adena walked over to Cody and hugged her, the two of them walked over to Squib and sat together.

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