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When Hope Gets Lost-Chp 2
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"So you think that they'll let us visit them?" Cody asked as they stood outside of the office.

"They better. I mean, they say that hearing the voice of loved ones help them fight for their lives." Adena said proud of herself that she knew that.

"And when did you get so intelligent?" Cody joked.

"Shut up." Adena said. "Well I guess I better go to practice."

"Okay, then see you later?"

"Yeah." the two girls headed in their seperate directiones, one to practice, and one to her house.

"So, how was practice?" Cody asked. Adena, Squib, and Cody were sitting at their usual table, eating lunch.

"Tiring." Adena complained.

"Yeah." Squib agreed. "So, what did you guys go and see President Bates for?"

"Oh, we just asked him if we could go and see Megs and Seb." Adena replied.

"And?" Squib asked.

"And what?" Adena said confused.

"And did he say yes?" Squib exclaimed like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"He said he would make some calls and see if they would let us visit them." Cody chimed in.

"Oh okay." Squib said.

"So, do you guys think they will really wake up?" Cody asked.

"I hope so. They have to, they just have to." Adena said hopefully.

"Yeah..." Squib added. Soon they were having an animated conversation and before they knew it lunch was over.

"Would Cody Myers, Gary Furlong, and Adena Stiles please report to President Bates' office immediately." The three heard President Bates over the P.A. They all hurried to his office and wondered if he knew whether they would be able to visit them. A minute later they were outside of his office, Squib quickly opened the door, and the three of them walked into his office.

"President Bates," Adena started.

"I have called some people, and you will be going to visit Megan and Sebastien tomorrow morning." he announced cutting off Adena.

"Oh my god, thank you thank you." Adena exclaimed and gave President Bates a hug. Cody and Squib snickered. Finally, when Adena realized what she was doing, she quickly stepped away from Bates and all three of them walked out of his office.

"So, tomorrow morning..." Squib said.

"Yeah, can't wait." Adena said.

"So," Cody started. The three of them didn't know what to say or what they were going to say. The three of them decided to go home and to their dorms and just wait for tomorrow.

Adena headed to her dorm, she needed to figure out what she was going to wear. She knew that they couldn't see her, but if they woke up, she wanted to look her best. Adena ran to her closet and started pulling out clothes.

While Squib headed to his dorm, he wondered what he would say to them tomorrow. When he got into his dorm, he looked at the empty bed, and at all of Sebastien's things. As much as he wanted to think that he would wake up, he couldn't help but think the worst.

As Cody was walking to her house, she couldn't help but think of things to tell Sebastien and Megan. She thought that if they woke up, everything would be just like it was. But, she couldn't help but think, what if they were different? What if they didn't remember her?

Chapter 3

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