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Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse as Sunny Capaduca
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Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse as Sunny Capaduca

Full Name: Sunny Capaduca
Every student at Cascadia is a good tennis player. Still, their ability is broken up into five categories which are: poor, mediocre, good, very good, and exceptional. But everyone knows there is one more level, her name is Sunny Capaduca.
Sunny is the star of the academy and the youngest in residence. She has her own private room, her personal trainer, agent, and whatever else she wants. Simply put, her game has no weaknesses and analysts are certain they have a future number one ranked player on their hands. Because of her extreme talent and snobby attitude it's been hard for her to make friends. Given the age difference, how can she help but feel out of place, at times, which is why she gets restless. And when Sunny gets restless, everyone better watch out and stay out of her way.

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